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Obstacles and Adversity: Raw materials for business and life success.

Let’s be honest–nobody likes banging their head against the wall. Knowing you are making progress toward a worthy goal is in itself an important motivator to keep you in the game, in spite of whatever paralyzing complexities are facing you.  Sometimes obstacles and adversity can be completely overwhelming.

Many times, it’s easy to feel that the ball you are rolling up the hill can, at any moment, roll back over you. Every entrepreneur experiences the challenge of getting through, over, under and around obstacles and adversities that stand between where you are and where you want to be.

Sometimes it’s useful to step back from the friction and resistance and remember that complexities are inherent in the process of creation.  Entrepreneurs know obstacles and adversity come with the territory. Anything moving in the universe experiences friction.  Growing your business is no exception. Many entrepreneurs (myself included) are dealing with some form of challenge right now.  In my view, this is good news!

Every phase of growth and expansion (personally and professionally) is accompanied by an equal measure of resistance and complexity. It’s the familiar feeling of frustration you experience when you can’t quite get yourself over the wall to that next level of bigger clients, more creative and rewarding work, and of course, more money and personal freedom.  The truth is obstacles and adversity are necessary elements for your growth and  success. Challenges are in fact the raw material necessary to mold your desire for greater achievement. When you feel yourself hitting the wall, remember this:

Obstacles and adversities are master teachers. It is my belief that everything and everyone in your life right now is there for the sole purpose of teaching you what you need to know to move you up to the next level of growth. Use your challenges to shift your thinking, experiment, play with new and different ideas. In times of challenge, it’s best to leave conventional wisdom and your preconceived beliefs behind and open up to new strategies and tactics.

Obstacles and adversities are rocket fuel. Turn the energy of fear, lack, limitation and uncertainty into the high velocity fuel you will need to bust through the gravity of your current circumstances. There is no growth in business without risk. Embrace risk like a lover! There’s fire and passion involved when your ass is on the line. If it were too easy, you would quickly be bored and the game of life would be far less interesting.  Resistance is necessary for building strength of character. In the face of every adversity, you must believe there’s no stopping you!

Obstacles and adversities define the boundaries of your comfort zone. Leaving what you know and are comfortable with is absolutely necessary for your growth and advancement. When you experience obstacles, you are experiencing the borders of your own comfort and safety. Busting free into the unknown only expands your capabilities and experience. Of course this takes balls (courage)! My advice is never get too comfortable–it’ll put you to sleep!

Obstacles and adversities are opportunities to create new value. As an entrepreneur, your sole purpose is to create new value for your clients. Challenges in your own business growth may be the perfect thing for you to start thinking bigger with forward-thinking ideas about how to serve others with greater effectiveness. Remember, you’re in business to serve the success of others first. Think about how your current challenges can turn into opportunities for you to expand your value to others, and competition-proof your business.

Every entrepreneur experiences setbacks on the road to achieving their business goals. Don’t judge yourself too harshly when the challenges seem too unmanageable. Remember that you’re on the frontier of a new level of experience. You’re simply developing the strength, knowledge and wisdom required of you to play the bigger game your growth will require. Above all, your attitude toward the challenges in your business will have more to do with transforming your circumstances than your all your knowledge, skill and talent.

What challenges do you face in your business right now that could hold the key to your growth and success? Give it some thought!


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