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How to create your value proposition for unparalleled competitive advantage.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

In a marketplace full of clutter, noise, and abundant choice, how will you distinguish your early stage business from competitors and attract higher value customers and clients who will transform your business to higher levels of success?

If you’re in the strategic planning process of inventing a new business, introducing new products or transforming an established business for its next level of growth, you're going to need to create a value proposition that resonates, differentiates and substantiates your value to customers and clients in a way that will enhance your competitive advantage.

I have been speaking to Founder / CEOs of startup and early stage companies in various venues on this important topic these past months. In the video above, I'm outlining the premise of what it takes to create a value proposition that will attract higher value customers and clients and help you to transform your business/brand to the next level of success.

If you'd like to gain deeper insight, knowledge and the full step-by-step process to guide you and your team through the critical steps necessary to uncover your unique value and express a more compelling value proposition, you can review a 40-minute webcast training here.


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