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Hello :-)

I'm Thomson Dawson, business/brand strategy advisor, shaman, guide to fearless, success minded founders and business leaders in emerging growth companies. I specialize in what’s next–helping create a bigger future by inspiring leaders to 10X their understanding and accelerate their application of business / brand transformation strategy as the source code unlocking change, transformation, future growth and potentially bigger exits.
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 My strategic advisory and creative expertise spans four decades and 1000s of engagements across diverse industry sectors in business and brand strategy, marketing communication and visual design disciplines–with specialized knowledge and expertise in brand transformation issues and challenges faced by early stage companies.
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A manifesto for the new breed of 21st century entrepreneurs.

My new book is a passionate manifesto intended to elevate the strategic and creative thinking of startup and early-stage entrepreneurs inspiring them to “think in a certain way” so they can 10X their impact, influence, and income. In our 21st-century marketplace of more clutter and noise, every entrepreneur can benefit from developing a manifesto to declare clearly and boldly what their business stands for, why it matters to high-value customers and clients and becomes their one and only choice.
Guidance for startup founders to create their value proposition and positioning for unparalleled competitive advantage.

If you're a startup Founder, this complimentary 40-minute business development training will teach you a step-by-step process to create a more compelling value proposition and strategic positioning that serves as the “true north” for elevating your competitive advantage with higher value customers. You need to get this right from day one. This can help.
“My business partner and I worked with Thomson on what would become a critical strategic move for our business. Thomson helped guide us to set the foundation for not only the development of our new name, but also the next decade for our business. Thomson was thoughtful, collaborative, and was clearly committed to our success. His expertise and creativity helped guide two very different shareholders toward a result that we simply could not be more happier with."

Pete Houlihan CEO, Brightformat, Inc.
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