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 build a business people love

Inspiring leaders and teams in growing companies to focus on the big pieces–what their business stands for, to whom it matters, and how their desired image and reputation shapes competitive advantage.


The marketplace is unforgiving territory for those without a compelling strategy to transform, evolve and grow their business.  No organization can grow and evolve beyond the current knowledge and capability of its leaders. Helping leaders and teams in startup and emerging growth companies strengthen the foundations of their competitive advantage accelerating their business growth without wasting precious time and money struggling with the complexities inherent in business transformation.


Purpose / Vision / Values / Leadership / Culture
Who you are, what you stand for, how you behave that matters to you and the marketplace rewards.


Target Customer Segmentation
The specific and growing group of people to whom your business proposition is/would be most relevant.


Value Proposition/ Strategic Positioning

The promise/offer you make to customers that is highly valued and in short supply.


Brand Architecture Structure
A clear and simple framework for how your business is organized inside and out.


Brand Narratives / Messaging Pillars / Tone / Identity
The way your value (promise) is consistently expressed in the marketplace.


Customer Experience Design

With every touch point and interaction with your business, promises are kept, customers lives are enhanced and enriched.

Our clients are founders and leaders of growing companies
in diverse market sectors with annual revenues of $2-250 million+. We collaborate in person and remotely helping 10X understanding and accelerate application of business / brand strategy principles as the source code unlocking transformation, competitive advantage, and potentially bigger exits.


EDUCATION on new or missing knowledge to grow a business / brand that is highly valued in the marketplace.

INSPIRATION to elevate strategic thinking and focus on your purpose, passion and cause, your beliefs and core values, and what you’re unwilling to compromise on for short-term gain and how that forms the basis of your culture, reputation, and brand equity.

INSIGHT advice and coaching into the “head game” helping develop the disciplined mindset for creativity and innovation that makes your competition and price irrelevant.

CREATIVITY to position your value for competitive advantage and develop more authentic and compelling narratives so high value customers will see your business/brand as their one and only choice.

DEVELOPMENT Maps, blueprints and prototypes for you and your team to implement your business transformation initiatives based on your vision, leadership, value creation and impact in the marketplace.


When your business represents an “idea of value” people love and is not in abundant supply elsewhere, that's brand power.
In this short video, Thomson Dawson outlines the strategic framework that forms the foundation for his approach advising founders developing their strategies for competitive advantage.


“Thomson did a masterful job of guiding our brand team through the strategic positioning and creative development process for our recent product introduction. Thomson’s contributions to our success were exceptional. His creative guidance helped us more effectively launch our new brand.”

David Barella Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
Coapt Systems, Inc. Medical Devices

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