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 building brands people love

Inspiring leaders of growing companies to focus on the big pieces– what their business and brand stands for, to whom it matters, and how their desired image and reputation shapes their future business success.

We're here to inspire early growth founders and teams to increase their understanding and accelerate their application of brand strategy as the source code driving transformation and unlocking future growth. No organization can grow and evolve beyond the current understanding and capability of its leaders. The marketplace is unforgiving territory for those without a compelling strategy to transform, evolve and grow their brand.


Brand strategy is a leadership decision not a collection of marketing decisions. Brand strategy forms the foundation to align and improve customer experiences, innovation and retention of dedicated employee to drive future business growth. Implementing your brand strategy consistently over time, your business will reap the rewards of influential brand power:


–  attracting an expanding base of loyal, advocate customers

–  increased productivity and retention of dedicated employees

–  attracting the right investment growth partners

–  support for premium pricing of your offerings

–  greater distribution with strong velocities in sales channels

–  more attention from earned social and trade media

–  less dependence on advertising



Vision / Values / Purpose / Culture

Target Customer Segmentation

Strategic Positioning / Value Proposition

Brand Architecture

Brand Narratives / Messaging / Tone / Look & Feel

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Every early stage business wants it–few will achieve it.
When your business represents an “idea of value” people love and is not in abundant supply, that's  brand power.
In this 7-minute webcast presentation, Thomson Dawson outlines the strategic framework that forms the foundation for his approach to developing strategies for influential brand power.


“Thomson did an excellent job of guiding our marketing team through the strategic positioning and creative development process for our recent product launch. Thomson’s contributions to our success were exceptional. His creative guidance helped us more effectively launch our brand communications materials.”

David Barella Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
Coapt Systems, Inc. Medical Devices

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