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Strengthen your understanding and application of brand strategy to build brands people love.

The White Hot Center is the fire inside, the burning desire to create remarkable experiences that add greater value to people. We collaborate with leaders and their teams to 10X their understanding and accelerate their application of brand strategy as spiritual software that drives influential brand power to transform their business.


Brand strategy is the seed of marketing success and forms the strategic foundation to improve customer experiences, innovation, employee retention, motivation and business growth.

We're here to inspire leaders of growing organizations to focus on the big pieces– what their brand stands for, to whom it matters, and how their desired image and reputation shapes their future business success. Our consulting programs offer:

Insight – a deep understanding and perspective on the discipline of strategic brand development as the driver of business growth.

Guidance – frameworks, blueprints and models to navigate change and transformation.

Creativity – compelling ideas on expressing value to customers.

As a result of our collaboration, leaders and teams gain more:

Clarity – no longer confused or uncertain about their unique value to customers.

Confidence – an unwavering belief their desired transformation can and will be accomplished.

So they can more quickly experience:

Traction – evidence their strategy is producing transformative results.

Momentum – less friction, increasing speed and an upward trajectory toward  accomplishing desired outcomes.



Vision / Values / Purpose

Target Customer Segmentation

Strategic Positioning / Value Proposition

Brand Architecture

Brand Narratives / Messaging / Tone / Look & Feel

Every early stage founder wants it–few will achieve it.
When your business represents an “idea of value” people love and is not in abundant supply, you’ll experience the transformational effects of brand power.
In this 7-minute webcast presentation, Thomson Dawson outlines the strategic framework that forms the foundation for building influential brand power.


“Our company needed to reposition our business for the future. Thomson, worked with us to develop a solution that not only was highly marketable, but also something that fit our company culture like a glove. Thomson has an amazing ability to visualize, analyze, watch, listen and ask the right questions."

Jeff Lipis, Managing Partner PRJ Consulting
Oracle/ People Soft Consulting