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My clients are leaders of early growth companies & entrepreneurs of startup  companies. My advisory consulting programs are designed to help them develop their strategy to transform their business from its current state to a higher one. We collaborate remotely and in person.

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Full Day Consensus Building Brand Strategy Workshops
For leadership teams pondering and exploring iterations to their brand positioning, brand narratives, and their presence in the marketplace, I offer a series of full day facilitated bespoke brand strategy workshops– guided deep dives into greater understanding and application of brand strategy as the source code unlocking future growth. The content of each of these brand strategy workshops is customized to meet your specific needs and learning objectives.


Quantum Leap Brand Transformation Sprint for Early Growth Brands.
In this brand strategy advisory sprint, founders and their teams overcome their most urgent business/brand transformation challenges. This is a 4-6 week deep dive advisory program designed to provide leadership teams with more clarity, confidence, traction and momentum to strengthen their strategic and creative focus to enhance their competitive advantage and break through the inevitable growth plateaus facing early growth brands.

Fractional Brand Strategy & Transformation Advice and Guidance.
On-going advice, guidance and creative development as a fractional member of your leadership team. Helping you and your organization to be more effective in bringing brand strategy and brand transformation programs to life in your organization and in sales and marketing channels.
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“Working with Thomson was the best experience of our startup journey. He masterfully guided us to realize a much bigger vision for our business and our brand. When my partner saw the strategy recommendations and visual concepts for the brand, all he could say was, “this looks like money!”

Jan Rem, Founder/CEO Ambrosia Linens Inc.



If you're facing a brand growth challenge, lets have a conversation.


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