The fire of an inner forge.

The power that creates your bigger future takes place in the fire of an inner forge–the white-hot center of your intention, invention, intuition, inspiration, intensity and innovation.

Every remarkable business that ever was, is now, or will ever be starts with an idea inside the head of an entrepreneur–that incredibly foolish, courageous, committed idealist with a passion, purpose, cause who wants to improve the condition of a customer’s life.

And then sets out to make it happen.

Creating a business has been a life-long fascination for me. Growing up, my parents ran a business in the garage of our house that supported a family of eight kids and got a half of us through college.

This of course, explains my natural inclination to start my own business, which led me to collaborate with early stage founders growing their brands and their business to next level of success.

The entrepreneurial approach to life is in my genes and I’m naturally drawn to being around people who are likewise.

Over many years of collaborating with founders of companies in diverse industries, I’ve witnessed they all seem to possess a set of attributes that drives their pursuit of success despite the odds to the contrary.

The power that creates their bigger future takes place in the fire of an inner forge–the white-hot center of their intention, invention, intuition, inspiration, intensity and innovation.

Intention is the desire to create products that people love and can’t live without.

Invention is the capability to bring products from the formless into form.

Intuition is the voice that tells you where opportunities are to be found and what course of action is right to pursue.

Inspiration is what moves you to create more value for people

Intensity is the measure of your grit and commitment to go “all in”.

Innovation is bringing new value to the marketplace rather than compete for the value created by others.

For a small segment of entrepreneurs, these powerful inner forces are forged and strengthened with mastery. These forces become the tools to build bigger futures for all concerned. These entrepreneurs are the ones who build remarkable companies. Some of them become icons and legends we all read about.

Success always leaves clues if you’re looking for them.

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