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Fractional advice, guidance and creative development expertise for leaders and teams to increase capabilities and enhance effectiveness when planning and implementing business transformation initiatives.

Unlike on-going marketing initiatives, business/brand transformation is not an every day issue. Consequently, leaders and teams can waste precious time and money struggling with the process, methods and complexity to successfully develop and implement business transformation initiatives.  


Specialized fractional expertise offers organizations an effective means to develop, implement and manage the process of business transformation. As a fractional or adjunct member of your executive team, we’ll develop a strategies tailored to help achieve your desired outcomes and objectives and put the plan into action.



Strategic and Creative Insights and Ideas

Facilitate a flow of strategic and creative ideas to elevate your thinking, impact and influence serving higher value customers who represent a bigger future.
More Clarity and Confidence
Quickly remove complexity and roadblocks get your team's attention and actions zeroed in the one thing that will make all the difference in your progress towards your business transformation objectives.
Accelerated Momentum and More Progress
In times of change and transformation, unbiased, specialized expertise can help increase your knowledge, capability, speed and effectiveness in overcoming your business transformation challenges.
Fractional engagements are typically 6+ months in duration. Providing strategic advisory and creative expertise in business and brand strategy, employee and marketing communications, customer experience and visual design disciplines. Fractional engagements involve helping organizations overcome a variety of issues and challenges implementing their business transformation initiatives:
You're launching a new business, introducing new products, reorganizing and transforming an existing business/brand for its next level of growth and you don't have specialized business transformation strategy expertise on your executive leadership team.
You need guidance conducting a strategic audit and expert assessment so you know where you stand before you invest resources in business transformation initiatives.
You're seeking expert advice and oversight  finding, vetting and facilitating the RFP / Interview process when retaining outside marketing/communication/creative service firms.
You need professional development advice, guidance and coaching for in-house marketing and communications teams to be more confident and capable implementing brand transformation programs within the organization and in the marketplace.
You need strategic guidance, creative direction and development of visual branding and core messaging strategies that support your business objectives.
You need oversight and project management leadership of your in-house teams or other marketing partners charged with brand implementation, corporate and brand identity, naming, design and design management to insure alignment to your business strategy initiatives.
You need expert advice on customer experience, retail packaging/merchandising development and design, branded sales environments, and your overall verbal and visual presence at retail.
Fractional advisory consulting engagements are tailored to your specific objectives and begin at $10,000+ USD monthly with a three-month minimum engagement.
Are we a good fit to work together?
Fractional advisory consulting can be remote or on site as required. Clients who engage fractional advisory consulting are experiencing a transformational shift in their business growth and seek specialized strategic and creative expertise to enhance their traction and momentum toward achieving their business objectives. My focus is advising leaders in diverse market sectors with annual revenues of $5-25 million+.
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"Our strategic brand development initiative for ThedaCare was a colossal undertaking. Thomson built instant rapport and trust with our team and guided the brand strategy, creative direction, design, implementation and adoption of a new corporate identity program designed and approved by leadership team in less than six months.”
MJ Beckman
Senior Leader, Corporate Communications
ThedaCare Health

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