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Expand your knowledge to strengthen your competitive advantage and accelerate the  growth of your business.

 This is a 6-week one-on-one advisory sprint to help overwhelmed startup and early stage entrepreneurs/founders strengthen the foundations of their competitive advantage to accelerate business growth without wasting precious time and money stuck on a growth plateau.

Competitive advantage is brand power.


Attract an expanding base of loyal, advocate customers

Increase productivity and retention of talented employees

Attract the right investment growth partners

Command premium pricing of your offerings

Grow distribution with strong velocities in sales channels

Gain attention from earned social and trade media

Less dependence on advertising



"Working with Thomson was immensely valuable. Make sure you're ready to do the work. Our company invested a lot of time contemplating each topic on our own in advance of each strategy session. The quality of the time you spend thinking through each framework and preparing for your strategy sessions will proportionately equal the quality of the final product. Thomson facilitates, guides and coaches, but it’s your effort that determines success."
Frank Dal Bello
Founder, CEO Haystack
SaaS Hiring Solutions Software
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“Working with Thomson was the best experience of our startup journey. He masterfully guided us to realize a much bigger vision for our business and our brand. When my partner saw the strategy recommendations for our new brand, all he could say was, “this looks like money!”

Jan Rem
Ambrosia Linens Inc.
Consumer Products

“Our company needed to re-position our business for the future! Thomson, worked with us to craft a solution that not only was highly marketable, but also something that fit our company culture like a glove. Thomson has an amazing ability to visualize, analyze, watch, listen and ask the right questions"

Jeff Lipis,
Managing Partner PRJ Consulting
Oracle/ People Soft Consulting

“With a new venture in the wings we were looking for a strategy and identity in the marketplace that would set us up as a step above the rest. His guidance was spot on for our niche. The strategy for bringing our brand to the world was extraordinary. I can’t recommend Thomson enough.”

Joe Bruzzese
Founder/ CEO, Sprigeo, LLC
SaaS Technology Startup


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A 6-week, one-on-one business/brand strategy advisory program to help increase your knowledge and accelerate your development of a transformative strategy as the source code for competitive advantage.



Forward thinking founders, business leaders of early-stage consumer products and B2B companies ($1-10million+annual revenue) who want to elevate their early struggle business to a period of rapid, evangelical sales growth and scalable profitability.


One-on-one expert insight, guidance, creativity and coaching:
1:1 Expert Business Assessment to establish the roadmap to the desired transformation. Full access to pre-recorded and printed material. Six weekly 3-hour strategy sessions for each program module. 24/7 text/email support. PDF copy of my book The White Hot Center Manifesto.


The Transformation Roadmap (PDF)
Executive Summary documenting the key leadership decisions made during our strategy sessions together. It's the roadmap necessary to inform and guide the actions and behaviors of your internal operating teams implementing future culture, marketing, innovation, customer experience design, go-to-market presence, communications, and sales imperatives.


Post-Strategy Implementation Review

60-90 days after your completion of the program we get together to review and discuss your implementation progress, continuing challenges, and possible iterations. (3 Hour Zoom)



$9500 USD paid in advance and nonrefundable.

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