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A brand transformation sprint designed for early growth founders who want exponential impact, influence and income.

 If you’re an early-stage founder serious about overcoming your uncertainty about building an influential brand, this one-on-one brand transformation deep dive provides a structured framework for effective strategic and creative decision-making.

Brand strategy is essential spiritual software that unlocks a bigger future and potentially bigger exits:


Attract an expanding base of loyal, advocate customers

Increase productivity and retention of talented employees

Attract the right investment growth partners

Command premium pricing of your offerings

Grow distribution with strong velocities in sales channels

Gain attention from earned social and trade media

Less dependence on advertising


"Working with Thomson was immensely valuable. Make sure you're ready to do the work. Our company invested a lot of time contemplating each topic on our own in advance of each strategy session. The quality of the time you spend thinking through each framework and preparing for your strategy sessions will proportionately equal the quality of the final product. Thomson facilitates, guides and coaches, but it’s your effort that determines success."
Frank Dal Bello
Founder, CEO Haystack
SaaS Hiring Solutions Software
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“Working with Thomson was the best experience of our startup journey. He masterfully guided us to realize a much bigger vision for our business and our brand. When my partner saw the strategy recommendations for our new brand, all he could say was, “this looks like money!”

Jan Rem
Ambrosia Linens Inc.
Consumer Products

“Our company needed to re-position our business for the future! Thomson, worked with us to craft a solution that not only was highly marketable, but also something that fit our company culture like a glove. Thomson has an amazing ability to visualize, analyze, watch, listen and ask the right questions"

Jeff Lipis,
Managing Partner PRJ Consulting
Oracle/ People Soft Consulting

“With a new venture in the wings we were looking for a strategy and identity in the marketplace that would set us up as a step above the rest. His guidance was spot on for our niche. The strategy for bringing our brand to the world was extraordinary. I can’t recommend Thomson enough.”

Joe Bruzzese
Founder/ CEO, Sprigeo, LLC
SaaS Technology Startup

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The program consists of (6) webcast training modules, associated workbooks and 1:1 facilitated strategy sessions delivered over 4-6 weeks via online conference.

The Quantum Leap Brand Transformation Strategy advisory program is $9,500 USD.
The consulting program is designed for leaders and teams of funded startups and early stage companies with $500K+ in annual revenue. Clients who enroll in the program are inventing a new business, introducing new products or transforming their business/brand for the next level of growth. The program consists of a series of on-demand video trainings for each module to prepare you in advance for the facilitated strategy work session. The strategy sessions are 2-3 hour jam sessions for each module delivered via online conference over 4-6 weeks (depending on schedules). The program includes the preparation of an Executive Summary Brand Strategy Blueprint delivered as a PDF at the completion of your sessions.  60 days after completion of the program we get together to review, iterate and strengthen your implementation progress.

Book a conversation with Thomson.

Gain the traction and momentum to build the strategic foundation for creating a bigger future.
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