A brand transformation methodology designed for startup and early growth founders to increase their understanding and application of brand strategy to power the success of their early growth business.

Every startup and early growth Founder struggles to create real brand power in their marketplace. In a growing business, it's difficult to clarify the big pieces — what we do, why we do it, what makes us different, where we’re going, and how to get there.

If this describes your current circumstances, this program is created for you. Working together over the course of 4-6 weeks, we'll go deep into the application of brand strategy as the spiritual software for transformation to influential brand power. Watch the 10-minute video overview above to learn more about the process and the content of these brand transformation sessions.

Here’s the outcome you can expect by completing these sessions:


You'll unravel your confusion and uncertainty about the future direction and growth of your brand.  


You and your team will gain laser-focus on your best opportunities. You'll have clarity about who you’re targeting, what messages will resonate, and where you should prioritize your energy and resources.


You will gain new knowledge on how best to develop and apply your strategic decisions as spiritual software running through the entire ecosystem of your business. In other words, making your strategy real and operationalized in your business day-to-day.


Your strategic decisions will be organized into a blueprint form (PDF) to guide future tactical go-to-market initiatives to build influential brand power that will drive the future growth and success of your business. 

If you’re committed to converting this blueprint into day-to-day reality throughout your entire business, your business will reap these transformative benefits:


•  attracting a base of loyal, advocate customers

•  increased productivity and retention of talented employees

•  attracting the right investment growth partners

•  support for premium pricing of your offerings

•  greater distribution with strong velocities in sales channels

•  more attention from earned social and trade media

•  less dependence on advertising

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The series of brand transformation strategy sessions is $8,500 USD. A series of (5) one-on-one facilitated strategy sessions are delivered via online conference over 4-6 weeks. Includes the preparation of an Executive Summary Brand Plan delivered as a PDF and a follow-up consultation 45 days after completion of the program.
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“Collaborating with Thomson was a truly enlightening and inspirational experience. He has such a gift for getting inside your head and pulling out amazing ideas you didn’t even know where there. He’s the magic man! We could not have launched our franchise business so successfully without his wisdom, vision and patience!”
Julie Parker Collins, INHC
Founder/CEO, Symptom Free Life, Inc.
OsteoStrong Franchise Owner
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