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Transforming your business to the next level of success requires focus, clarity and confidence. Choosing an advisor to help guide your way forward requires trust and mutual respect.

Are we a good fit for each other?

My ideal Clients:
My Clients are Founder/CEOs and their leadership teams of early growth companies in diverse market categories.  Typically they have $2-10million+ in annual revenue and their business / brand is currently facing a growth challenge, preparing to take advantage of new market opportunity, or transforming their business for the next level of growth. 

My expectations in my Client relationships:
All my business relationships are based in honesty, trust and mutual respect. I expect Clients to know and appreciate the difference between a business/brand strategy advisor (future growth focused) vs. a marketing, advertising, lead generation or sales consultant (focused on short term tactical sales and marketing).  I facilitate, guide and coach, but I expect Clients to realize the responsibility for change and growth in their business is in their hands only. I don't promise quantitative results. I collaborate with them to create the strategic foundation on which their competitive advantage and bigger future will be built.

The business value I provide to your organization:
I specialize in what’s next–helping founders and their teams create a bigger future. I do this by providing insight, guidance and creativity to help you increase your understanding and application of brand strategy as the foundation powering competitive advantage and future growth. I help Clients build a strategic blueprint to transform their business by focusing on who they are, what they stand for, to whom it matters, and how their desired image, behavior and reputation shapes their future business success.

How I deliver value to your organization:
I deliver value to you and your organization through one-to-one issued-based strategic consulting, coaching, guidance and facilitation. I am a solo entrepreneur and lead all my consulting engagements. Depending on the needs of the Client, I have an extensive  network of established consultants in market research, consumer behavior and go-to-market tactics that I may suggest we collaborate with.

When you need my expertise:
Your business is currently experiencing dynamic change, a growth challenge or a market opportunity. You and your leadership team are struggling to have the clarity, consensus and confidence to develop a winning  brand transformation strategy without expert guidance. Typically Clients seek my expertise when they’re in the planning stages of launching a new business, introducing new products and services, or transforming an under performing brand for the next level of growth.

Clients / Services / Market Segments:
My focus is advising leaders and management teams in emerging growth companies.
I provide insight, guidance and creativity in business and brand strategy, marketing, communications, customer experience and visual design disciplines–with deep knowledge and expertise in strategic brand development issues and challenges. My focus is unlocking the potential of growing brands in CPG Natural Food & Beverage, Health and Personal Care, B2B and Consumer Products Markets.
If you're facing a brand growth challenge, let’s get acquainted in a conversation.
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