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If you want to create success, forget about competition.

Many of us have been taught to believe competition is a good thing. Competition builds character and strength. Competition insures the survival of the fittest, the strongest, the smartest, the richest, and the most worthy. If you’re not competitive, you’ll lose. This is a corrosive belief.

Get rid of the idea of competition. Competition is based on the debilitating premise that you must win and some body else must lose. Competition is the basis of all human misery and division. Competition draws a line between the have and have-nots, the good from the bad, the desired from the undesirable. As an entrepreneur your mission is to create, not compete for what is already created.

Your success, and all that comes with it, does not mean you take something away from another. You do not win by driving hard bargains, selling at the cheapest price, paying employees or suppliers less than they deserve.  Success secured on the competitive plane is never truly satisfactory, fulfilling, or permanent. It may be yours today, but it will be another’s tomorrow. Your success in business and life has nothing whatsoever to do with your capabilities as a strong competitor.

You are a creator– your mission is to create, not compete. Your higher faculties of perception, reason, will, memory, intuition and imagination are the tools you employ to create value for others, not compete with others. To be a creator, you have to get your head around a fundamental counter-intuitive principal:

There is an infinite supply.

There is no shortage of supply. Everything needed is always available–it’s just not always in a visibly formed state. Ideas come from infinite supply. There’s no shortage of ideas. Everything that ever was, is now, or ever will be, is at first a seed. Ideas are formless thought seeds. Just because ideas lack physical form, does not make them less useful or powerful. Infinite supply is everywhere and in everything–including you and your ideas!

As an entrepreneur, you create ideas from the infinite supply that increase life itself.  Your idea seeds, when planted into the ground of your business, spring into activity (all by themselves) and like life itself, produce more seeds (think results).

Your ideas, by living in your business, multiply themselves becoming more. Every fact you learn, leads to more learning. Your knowledge is continually increasing. Every talent you possess cultivates more talent in yourself and others. Your business operates on the very principle of all life. Your business, seeking its fuller expression, is compelled to know more, do more and be more. The same energy that compels your desire for business success makes the planet live and grow.

When you understand and believe in the principal of infinite supply, you’ll know there is no lack or limitation that requires you to compete for business.

Opportunity is always available everywhere right now.  Remember you drop out of the higher creative plane to the lower competitive plane the very second you think you have it all cornered, or a competitor beat you to it. Never put your focus on the “visible “ supply. Keep your thoughts focused only on your formless ideas and visions for growth. No one else, by controlling the visible supply, can prevent you from creating more value in the world.

As a creative entrepreneur, you don’t seek the success that is possessed by another. Equally so, your success can’t prevent another from becoming successful.


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