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All you have to do is one thing!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The world is moving and changing so fast, it’s nearly impossible for one mind to keep up. In a time of much confusion and disruption, the secret to creating a significant life is: one thing.

I’m reminded of the pivotal scene in the movie “City Slickers” when cowboy Curly, holding up one finger, tells Billy Crystal’s dismayed character “Do you know what the secret to life is?”

The answer is one thing– nothing more, and that’s what you have to figure out. Take Curly’s advice. No sense burning daylight my friend.

One thing– you must focus all your unique talents, capabilities and resources on one thing.  Discovering your one thing and committing to pursuing it in the face of all difficulties and challenges is the measure of a life well lived. Your one thing is the only thing that will bring you life-long fulfillment, joy and satisfaction.

For many creative entrepreneurs and solo professionals, this “one thing idea” can be problematic. Creative people are naturally predisposed to curiosity and distraction. They enjoy the diversity of doing it all. At the early stages of business success, it’s tempting to cover as much ground as you can in order to create as much opportunity as possible. But you won’t discover your great work attempting to be all things to all people. Nor will you be able to do it either.

You have to focus on one thing and get famous for it. So famous in fact, you’ll always have more opportunity than you have capacity. Build your personal brand around your one thing. When you do, opportunity will find you, not the other way around.

Your one thing is your life’s great work.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. This timeless expression of wisdom applies to your mental energies too. You can’t divide your attention, your time, and your money across a spectrum of activities and build the deep and narrow expertise that will define and distinguish your great work. You can’t be great at everything. Don’t even try.

Make the decision to follow your heart because there is no better alternative.

Doing your greatest work, making your significant contribution to the world requires the art of sacrifice. Once you free your mind from the temptation of chasing random opportunities, you’ll have the clarity and confidence to open up and trust your one thing.

On the trail of discovery of your one thing.

Discovering your one thing is not an easy matter.  It’s not for city slickers – it’s rough, rugged and scary. You’ll have to be willing to venture far out into the rugged frontier of your own life without a map. And as you explore the trail, far past your own conventional wisdom, be patient. Your one thing will take it’s own sweet time revealing itself to you.

Along the way, you’ll face intense inner resistance. The discovery of your one thing will challenge you to elevate your own thinking, your beliefs, your associations, and the quality of your presence.

Here’s a hint–your one thing will involve your greater contribution to serve the good of others.

Your one thing will always involve your higher nature, your inherent talent and skills. It comes from within you, and you are a genius at doing it. No one else on the planet can do your one thing. The one thing will always require you to do what really matters to you.  Only then can you serve the good of others and fulfill your destiny.

As we like to say around here – your one thing is found at the white hot center of who you really are. Once discovered, you won’t want to do anything else. You won’t be able to do anything else.

That’s why the resistance is such an awesome clue for discovering your one thing. In every area of your life, if you are experiencing resistance, you’re going in the wrong direction. Turn around and go the other way.

Go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket.

Whatever it is–to discover your one thing, you have to be all in. You’ve heard the expression “99% is a bitch and 100% is a breeze”.  Once you make the irrevocable decision to follow your heart’s desire, the unseen forces will conspire to help you along the trail. But you have to be all in regardless. Nothing less will do.

Think about it. What clues do you already have about your one thing?

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