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When you’re stuck inside the jar.

Business owners are evaluating where they stand amidst the economic destruction of the Great Pause. Indeed, for many, a shift is required for their value proposition and business model to remain relevant.

“It’s hard to read the label when you’re stuck inside the jar”... A well-worn expression for sure. In light of the current economic realities, business owners are asking themselves the fundamental question “what do we have to do different and better than what we have been doing?”

Perhaps you’re one of them.

If you’re planning your business strategy for what’s next, make sure that it goes far beyond mere introspection. Introspection, as useful as it may be, can keep you stuck inside the jar of your own thinking. Here’s my suggestion for breaking out of the jar.

Get out of your head.

It’s so easy to make assumptions and be influenced by your own bias and experience. In any change or transformation, your naturally hyper-focused on what your response or action should be. Sometimes in that mental state, you’re closed off from objectivity. Not everything you believe is true.

See things as they are not as you want them to be.

Every business owner I’ve ever worked with is fairly clear about what they want. In their pursuit, many have mastered the use of a “reality distortion chamber”. Forward momentum towards any goal or objective begins with an accurate assessment and acceptance of “what is”. One of my mentors used to tell me “co-operate with whatever is” anytime I got hung up on what I couldn’t change or control. That’s a lot different than surrendering to what is.

Work with what you have from where you stand now.

I can’t tell how many business owners have said to me “if only we had (fill in the blank).” It’s difficult to make progress from a mindset of lack. There is no shortage of supply. You have valuable assets–essential things that are working, things that support traction and forward momentum–things that have been embraced by the marketplace. Use these equities (strengths) in your business right now as the seed potatoes for your bigger future.

Make it work.

A strategic vision for what’s next without flawless execution is called a pipe dream. Saying it’s so, won’t make it so. The marketplace decides if you will thrive, not your strategy. To make “it” work, your strategic vision must be the organizing principle that your whole organization embraces. But that alone is not enough. You lead the parade, not follow it. You create new value rather than compete for the value that already exists. And finally your presence makes a big impact in the lives of your customers who love you and won’t live without you.

If you’re thinking about change and transformation in your business going forward, watch my 20-minute webcast:

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