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Thinking in a certain way: Intensity and Focus.

Many times over the years, I’ve been asked why I named my consulting business White Hot Center rather than using my name.


When I made the shift to advisory work, I wanted my identity in the marketplace to represent a high-minded idea of value I was passionate about – helping founders achieve their burning desire to experience an extraordinary life through the venue of a thriving, influential business.


The expression "white hot center" conveys a sense of intensity, focus, and concentration on a specific singularity, central point or core aspect– a burning desire.


I work at the source of a client’s burning desire– their white hot center.


There are two foundational attributes that support the meaning of this expression and convey what it takes for founders to think in a certain way to transform their business from early struggle to scalable success.



The "white hot" aspect of the expression suggests extreme heat and brightness, indicating higher levels of power, intensity, or fervor. This intensity manifests in various forms, such as passion, energy, or determination. The brightness associated with being "white hot" symbolizes clarity or illumination. It suggests a clear understanding of purpose or direction, enabling leaders to illuminate and align their organization’s efforts towards a common goal with purposeful precision.



The "center" refers to a core aspect that is the focal point of attention. This could represent the purpose, objective, goal, or area of focus within a larger context. The emphasis is on directing one's efforts and resources towards this central point with unwavering concentration and discipline. The "center" also implies strength or resilience, as it represents the core foundation or essence of business value. It suggests a strong, unyielding core that serves as the spiritual software or driving force behind decisions and actions.


The intensity and focus implied by the White Hot Center is about traction and forward momentum. When individuals or organizations are centered around a clear vision and compelling objective, they are more likely to generate traction and momentum and make significant progress towards their desired business outcomes.

The white hot center is the power within that creates quantum leaps in progress.


My new book has been published! The book is about thinking in a certain way–a mindset manifesto to transform the way you think about your business and its potential to change the world. Through 21 powerful principles, you'll discover how to develop a strategic mindset, position your business for unparalleled competitive advantage, create unrivaled value for high-value customers, implement premium pricing strategies, master business development and sales, forge strategic partnerships, and become the visionary leader your business needs to thrive.

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