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The Spiritual Laws of Brand Power.

Underneath the known physical forces universally applied in our cluttered digital marketing age, there are more important unseen forces at play determining the growth and success of an early-stage business.

In an age of clutter, noise, and abundant choice, transforming an early-stage business into an influential business/brand is subject to the same laws of nature. Like the physical laws governing gravity, so it is with the spiritual laws of brand power.

Nature does not differentiate between the seed of a weed and that of a flower. She produces and causes both to grow. The philosophy, ideology and discipline involved in creating influence and brand power in the marketplace are governed by timeless immutable laws. Prosperity and poverty in your business are merely two sides of one and the same thing– one power, rightly or wrongly used.

The Law of Thinking

Every great business idea that ever was, is now or ever will be, is first a thought seed in the mind of an entrepreneur. Whatever the mind holds within will eventually take its form in the outer world. An entrepreneur’s progress is largely determined by the ruling mental state because the mind is the governing power of creativity, innovation, and abundance.

The Law of Value Creation

There is no shortage of supply. There is a phase of this law known as supply and demand. Where there is no demand there will be no evidence of supply. Only when people demanded the means to travel with more speed, comfort, and luxury, did necessity conceive the idea of the automobile. Once a need is realized, the supply is always forthcoming. Just like the iPhone.

The Law of Attraction

Although trivialized in our self-help popular culture, there are two essential components to this law that sets up its attractive force–desire and expectation. Customers never expect a thing they don’t desire, and never desire a thing they do not expect. Desire connects us to things desired and our expectation draws in our realization of it.

The Law of Increase

Every entrepreneur desires an increase to their impact, influence, and income. Learn to render praise for what is now at hand. Be ever grateful for the very least of things and the very most will come to you. This attitude of mind not only brings an increase to what is desired, but also generates greater confidence, strengthens faith, and builds up an assurance for more good things to come.

The Law of Compensation

The thinking, actions, and behaviors of your organization determines what’s coming–whatever is your own. As you discipline and train yourself (and your team) to look for the good, you will move toward more good, and as your organization forms higher and higher conceptions of the good you provide, these elements will begin to find greater expression in your words, behaviors, capabilities, and your achievements–whatever is your own.

The Law of Non-Resistance

A small, crooked stream effortlessly flows over many obstacles on its journey to reach the ocean. So it is with your early stage business. No sense making obstacles bigger and harder to overcome by a mindset dominated by resistance. Resistance blocks progress and lengthens the time and distance for you to reach your ocean (desired business outcome).

The Law of Obedience

Business is founded upon obedience. As each entrepreneur obeys the laws of the marketplace, they will succeed. The marketplace rewards those who earn and deserve, never because they desire or need. An entrepreneur who will not deviate from the path of their own values and obeys their own convictions, will inspire strength and leadership in the marketplace.

The Law of Sacrifice

Something always must be sacrificed for something else. No matter what you want to achieve in your business (and life), you’ll have to give up something to get it. In other words, the value you bring to customers must be clearly defined and delivered with precision while sacrificing the pursuit of other opportunities.

The Law of Prosperity

It’s no secret how prosperity works. It’s as definite as any of the laws of science. Whatever current state or condition your business is in, there is a bigger future in store. But you must prepare for it. No business can rise into better and greater things until it becomes better and greater. True lasting prosperity lies in how customers benefit, and the world is enriched.


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