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The Mindset of the 21st Century Entrepreneur.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

21st century entrepreneurs are driven by a higher purpose to help make life better for their customers. These entrepreneurs realize market leadership is service in disguise.

One of the most rewarding experiences for me is working with creative entrepreneurs who are transforming their business to the next level of success. I have worked with all kinds of entrepreneurs in nearly every kind of business. Here are just a few examples:

A college professor starts a online business helping kids stay safe from bullying at school.

An immigrant comes to America with less than $5 in her pocket and builds a successful cosmetic business.

A health conscious entrepreneur invents a health drink and builds one of the most successful brands in the natural products category.

Two friends start an import business bringing the secrets of ancient Java herbal medicine to US consumers.

A schoolteacher starts a business helping wealthy people write their obituary in advance.

My list could go on and on. These courageous people are transforming their raw business ideas into an early struggle startup, and finally to a viable business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business, they’re all creating new value where none had existed prior.

These are 21st century entrepreneurs – a new breed of leader driven by a higher purpose to make life better for their customers. These creative entrepreneurs realize market leadership is service in disguise.

They’re creating businesses that are personally meaningful and fulfilling and uniquely valuable to the 21st century marketplace. They possess a mindset for success that is uniquely different than those whose only goal in business is to make money.

They’re doing what matters deeply to them and serves the good of others. Through the venue of their growing business, the more prosperity they experience, the more good they can do for customers and stakeholders alike.

Their values and ethics go far beyond profit and moneymaking. But make no mistake; their financial success is an essential goal.

They’re creative people who manifest physical results right out of thin air. Typically, when they cross paths with me, they’re smack dab in the middle of elevating themselves above the early-struggle phase of their business.

They want to break free from the struggle of surviving to the fun and joy of being completely free to create greater value for customers.

They’re focused on innovating unexpected products that attract higher value customers paying premium pricing and making competition irrelevant.

They recognize that to elevate the quality of their presence in the marketplace they must first elevate the quality of their creative thinking. They realize every success is a plateau–a place of arrival and departure. The next level of success is the next plateau in the journey. And the journey has no end.

For some, the next level is just getting their business idea off the kitchen table, for others might be national distribution of their products, and for still others it’s freedom and prosperity to spend their time as they desire whenever they desire.

For all of them it’s about transformation!

Transforming your business to the next level begins with a strategy that forms the foundation all your tactics will depend on. If you’re in the process of transforming your business, let me suggest three mental components essential for your successful business transformation strategy:


You must care–really care–about bringing new solutions to the marketplace. And not just you but your entire organization must have real emotional interest in bringing new value to people. Your actions will only match your interest. You build your business on what matters to you. And what matters to you must serve the good of



Your mind must be focused and disciplined. When you focus your creative energy, you possess a magnetic power to bring clarity to any situation–not only for you but for your entire organization as well. A focused mind is always in the present where it can do the most good. Where you look is where you go.


You must believe in your vision even when it doesn’t look like it will become reality. Expectation is the active form of your attention. Your expectation must be built up with your keen interest and focused attention. Never desire what you don’t expect, nor expect what you don’t desire.

Where ever you are in your journey, and whatever level of success you are currently experiencing, your mindset is your most precious business asset. The quality of your thinking determines the speed and trajectory of your business transformation. To desire is to expect and to expect is to achieve.

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