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Rain Dancing for Higher Value Customers.

Here's a parable about a tribe of American Indians, who never failed to make it rain when they would do their rain dance. Every time, 100%, when they danced, it rained!

The secret to their 100 percent success rate, when other tribes had far less success with the same dance, was simple- this particular tribe never stopped dancing!

Think about that...they never stopped dancing until it rained!

That's faith.

Faith strengthened their persistent action and expectation in knowing dancing is what creates rain. Rain is what they wanted... so they danced!

Faith is vitally important to every result of being, doing and having. We live by faith and not by sight. Faith is "knowing that you know" something you desire is going to happen even when the current circumstances seem unfavorable.

It isn't a hunch, or an educated guess. It’s knowing with absolute certainty, that no matter what it takes, it will happen.

It's just a matter of time.

Creating customers is like rain dancing. It takes time and persistent action even when there are no clouds in the sky.

The process of sales, like everything else in nature, has a gestation or incubation period. The human pregnancy has a gestation period of 280 days. It's more or less set. A carrot is 11 weeks; an elephant is 15 months–to each its own time.

But unlike carrots, elephants or humans, creating new customers takes its own sweet time.

Many entrepreneurs quit dancing before it is time, their faith and expectation of creating success expired. They give up too early and are not aware that the time necessary for manifestation simply hadn't past yet.

After some period of time has transpired, with no apparent progress, doubt sets in and they begin to think, ”this is impossible, there's no way it will rain, there isn't a cloud in the sky, this is a waste of time!”

Frequently, the gestation period for creating customers takes longer than the anticipated time most entrepreneurs are willing to invest in it. They give up... and "guarantee" a result.

The story of the dancing tribe of Indians perfectly illustrates how faith and persistent action will work for you in creating what you want in your business and in life. With faith and persistent action, your desired results are guaranteed.

The Indian tribe didn't stop dancing until the rain came, and they were well aware while dancing, that it could take awhile. But the rains always, eventually would come pouring down.

What are you dancing for and what does your rain look like?

Enjoy the dance!


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