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In search of INFLUENCE.

It takes more than a pot of investor’s money and splashy marketing to build an influential business and brand.

Influence in the marketplace is the white-hot center of inspired business and life success for creative entrepreneurs to thrive beyond the early struggle phase of their business. You can’t scale a business to the next level without influence.

I call this challenge “the scaleability factor”– a challenge every emerging entrepreneur will face as they focus on who they are, what they stand for, whom they serve, and how their desired reputation shapes their business goals and creates customers and clients who represent a bigger future.

Influence in the marketplace is the result of relentless creative focus and discipline to build a one and only brand customers and clients can’t live without. Over time, this creates the lift to take a quantum leap in the growth of your early stage business.

  • Focus on the right customer – not every customer.

  • Focus on staying true to your core values and standing for something valuable and highly desired, not in abundant supply elsewhere.

  • Focus on innovation–creating new value in your market rather than competing for the value created by others at a cheaper price.

  • Focus on embedding a clear and compelling vision for the future that everyone in your organization is committed to achieving because that vision is a shared passion, cause and purpose.

  • Focus on building a customer-driven culture where every employee in your business always gives a little more than is expected–creating experiences customers love and can’t live without.

These four pillars form the foundation of an enlightened approach to building your influence and a customer-focused culture that delivers experiences customers love and can't stop talking about.


Create and connect a compelling vision for marketplace success based solely on what truly matters to you, leverages your organizations unique capability to serve customers and clients; and enables you and your team to experience greater fulfillment and deep satisfaction in serving customers beyond money-making.


Expand the quality of your presence and influence in the marketplace by elevating your thinking, clarifying your purpose, enhance your effectiveness to innovate new value, build the right team and culture, and expand your contributions to the marketplace through experiences customers and clients love.


Build a culture of innovation and creativity within your business, developing a more compelling value proposition, innovate new value through products and services that are loved by your customers and not in abundant supply from your competitors.


Enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace through brand transformation and development strategies that position your business as the “one and only” choice in the minds of higher value customers–making your price and competitors irrelevant.

As you grow your business from early struggle phase to higher levels of success, the strength of these four pillars will form the structural integrity of your promise to higher value customers. As an operating system guiding the trajectory of your success, you will make quantum leaps rather than incremental steps in your growth and success.

Have Thomson speak at your event. This content can also be delivered as a keynote presentation and as an educational breakout workshop.

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