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A manifesto for the new breed of 21st century entrepreneurs.


A manifesto is a public declaration of policy, principals or point of view. The word comes from the Latin manifestus, which means to be clear, conspicuous, to make obvious or evident to the senses. The meaning also implies a framework for transforming formless ideas into physical form–to manifest.

Are you a startup or early-stage entrepreneur seeking to make a remarkable impact in today's cluttered marketplace? My new book "The White Hot Center Manifesto" is your guide to elevating your strategic and creative thinking to create competitive advantage, empowering you to 10X your impact, influence, and income.


This book is about thinking in a certain way–a mindset manifesto to transform the way you think about your business and its potential to change the world. Through 21 powerful principles, you'll discover how to develop a strategic mindset, position your business for unparalleled competitive advantage, create unrivaled value for high-value customers, implement premium pricing strategies, master business development and sales, forge strategic partnerships, and become the visionary leader your business needs to thrive.


Each chapter is a standalone beacon of guidance, but when integrated as cohesive "spiritual software," in your business, these principles will catapult your progress in quantum leaps. Embrace these principles and you'll not only build a thriving, influential business—you'll also live an extraordinary life. Ignite your journey toward unparalleled impact, influence, and income.


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“Thomson Dawson's Manifesto of '21 Power Strategies for 21st Century Entrepreneurs' is a transformative guide, navigating the complexities of entrepreneurial thinking. From positive expectations in 'Know What You Want' to the liberating truth in 'As You Live in Your Days, You Craft Your Future,' each strategy is a beacon of guidance. Dawson's call to action in 'Begin Now with What's at Hand' emphasizes seizing present opportunities, while 'Be Different, Make a Difference' speaks to the heart of connecting with customers. 'People Are More Important Than Money' underscores the importance of team well-being. This book is a roadmap for cultivating a mindset that leads to sustained entrepreneurial success in the 21st century.”


Said Aghil Baaghil

The Brand Scientist

Author of The Power of Belonging & Create Your Space.


“Thomson Dawson has more than earned his status of wise elder.
His accumulated insights and wisdom shine through the pages of his Manifesto. They will inspire creative thinking and thoughtful reflection in those who are astute enough to embrace his ideas.” 


Paul Lewis

Head of Brand Strategy

Fellowship, Cambridge UK


“The narrative that Thomson shares in his manifesto brings entrepreneurs on board to what it takes to build a successful business and without being hard core driven capitalist. Striking a balance- mental and emotional. Entrepreneurs don't want a wonky, Harvard business class, they want to engage with practical reasoning. One thing that I was happy to see here is a chapter on intuition which many times is dismissed by academics but truly appreciated by early-stage founders.”


Daylia Zayed
Managing Director
FWD Consultancy

Growth Strategy | Insights & Culture | Innovation


“Thomson Dawson’s extensive experience as an entrepreneur and consultant is apparent with this robust manifesto, zeroing in on the psychological roadblocks every new entrepreneur goes through.
His unquestionable expertise not only helps guide new entrepreneurs in directing their attention and energy, but also is reassuring especially for those who do not come from a milieu of entrepreneurs, those who undoubtedly will need to experience an even greater degree of mindset shifts to be successful.”

Dr. Laurie Lary ED.d.

Founder, LJ Lary Educational Solutions

Educational Program Evaluation, Development,
and Strategic Planning



“Thomson Dawson understands leadership’s relationship to story and story’s relationship to strategy. His suggestion that we all have an articulated Manifesto declaring what matters is powerful. Whether simply reframing a perceived “problem” or guiding one through a next-level transformational process, Thomson’s White Hot Center Manifesto offers entrepreneurs endless value.”


Peter Davis,

Director and Scriptwriter,

Hero’s Quest Consulting


“Thomson Dawson’s Manifesto resonates strongly with me. I joined an entrepreneurship club after three failed attempts at employment. The common denominator in those jobs was me and my resistance to conventional wisdom and the desire to do "what we always do." Thomson’s advice to trust your intuition, your gut, and move forward will tell you where the opportunity is.”


Susan Trivers

Trivers Consulting Group


“This Manifesto is essential reading for rising entrepreneurs and innovators who understand business success also means advancing collective well-being. Thomson Dawson channels his veteran entrepreneurial insight into an inspiring strategic playbook—unpacking timeless concepts like mindfulness, servant leadership, creative thinking, value creation, business development to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit.”


Grant Porter

Founder & Principal
Porter Communications

“Within the first few pages of reading The White Hot Center Manifesto, I could feel the wisdom coming through. I was so inspired. There are many “how to” books out there, but for me, this book is such an important shift in how we look at business, incorporating deep spiritual truths into the business world is such a gift and so important in our changing world. I highly recommend reading this fantastic book, chock full of sage advice and helping us to bring a more holistic approach that can help us navigate the complex world of being an entrepreneur.”


Clarissa Redoyce

Event Planner / Chef / Entrepreneur

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