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Elevate your unique value to customers regardless of marketplace conditions.

In this two-part training, you will learn a step-by-step process to guide you through the critical steps necessary to create a more compelling value proposition that serves as the “true north” for all marketing and sales conversations so you can confidently answer the key customer question "why should I do business with you?"
Here's what you'll learn in this business development training:
  • Why your value proposition is important to your business success
  • The criteria for creating a compelling customer focused value proposition
  • The six pillars of a strong value proposition
  • How to uncover your unique value to customers and clients to better differentiate your business
  • How to position your value in the minds customers and clients with precision
  • How to build the strategic framework for expressing your value to customers and clients
  • How to craft your positioning statement and "true line" that becomes the foundation for all your marketing
Once you've completed the exercises outlined in the training, you'll receive expert guidance and support in a 60-90 minute strategy consultation with me to review and fine-tune your new value proposition.
Here's what is included in this business development training:
  • Lifetime access to a 45-minute educational / instructional on demand webcast presentation
  • A companion PDF workbook that you can use a guide to complete the exercises outlined in the webcast
  • A 60-90 minute strategic consultation with Thomson Dawson to review and fine-tune your value proposition as the cornerstone of your future marketing and sales activities
What business owners say about working with Thomson Dawson.
"Finally we have a clear vision for our future growth and the confidence we’ll be making the right decisions to make our marketing and sales more effective going forward. I only wish we would have discovered Thomson when we started our business.”
Natalie Novak-Bauss
KPS Essentials, Inc.
Professional Skin Health Products
“Thomson masterfully guided me through the process of positioning my 22/7 Company. I wanted to go beyond what was generally available. Thomson “got it” and helped me capture my vision and make it happen, He’s a rare combination of creative genius and organized strategic planner. I thoroughly enjoyed our working process together, and he has my highest recommendation!”
Terry Tillman
Founder and President
22/7 Company
Management Consulting
“Collaborating with Thomson was a truly enlightening and inspirational experience. He has such a gift for getting inside your head and pulling out amazing ideas you didn’t even know where there. He’s the magic man! We could not have launched our franchise business so successfully without his wisdom, vision and patience!”
Julie Parker Collins, INHC
Founder/CEO, Symptom Free Life, Inc.
OsteoStrong Franchise Owner
"Thomson was thoughtful, collaborative, and was clearly committed to our success. His experience, guidance, and creativity helped guide two very different shareholders toward a result that we simply could not be more happier with".
Pete Houlihan
CEO, Brightformat, Inc.
Business Services
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