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This facial aesthetics company creates a new product brand extending into a new category for women consumers in the North American marketplace.
Coapt Systems, a global developer and marketer of facial aesthetic products for the plastic surgery and dermatology markets was developing new product innovations outside of their core products of minimally invasive surgical devices.

The leadership team needed clarity and guidance on a brand architecture strategy for their new product innovations.  There were practice distinctions between plastic surgeons and dermatologists that made the corporate brand irrelevant in these new product categories. To avoid confusing customer perceptions, we advised that the core product offerings be sub brands in a "house of brands" approach.
The first to market launch was Hydrelle™, a unique dermal filler formulation that was less painful to patients. Targeting a younger, more affluent consumer who regularly undergo treatments of facial dermal fillers, we learned frequency of application would increase significantly if the experience was less painful for the patient.

With this insight, we guided the marketing team to develop the new brand’s value proposition, strategic positioning, and brand messaging platform centered around the product delivering its most compelling functional and emotional benefit–pain free injection.  "Nothing feels better than looking fabulous" became the battle cry
hydrelle comp2.jpg
Hydrelle comp1.jpg

“Thomson and his team did an excellent job of guiding our marketing group through the strategic brand development process for our recent Hydrelle product brand launch. His guidance and creative contributions to our launch success were exceptional”.

David Barella,
Senior Vice President
Global Marketing, Coapt Systems, Inc.


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