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Inventing a new brand from the ground up collaborating with Founders on a big mission to reduce food waste and plastic use.

After growing their successful farmer's market business selling custom linen food storage bags to  consumers concerned with health, food waste and sustainability, the Founders wanted to grow their business in traditional retail channels.
Struggling for over a year attempting to generate any interest from distributors and retail buyers to their products, the founders realized they needed to take a serious and more professional approach to how they faced the market with their product line.
Originally called “Long Life Linen Veggie Storage Bags”, the founders were challenged by trademark issues, supply chain issues, and a meager marketing budget to present their product in a form and fashion acceptable to the world of specialty retail. The needed guidance on how best to position and "professionalize" their product presentation to this niche channel.
Building upon the unique functional benefits of using flax linen rather than plastic, and the emotional benefits associated with reducing food waste, the mantra “add life” became the battle cry for the fledgling brand. We began our collaboration by developing a brand positioning strategy that required a new brand name to reinforce the “add life” positioning and brand promise, then we guided the development of retail packaging design, merchandising and brand messaging platform to elevate the brand for buyers in specialty retail.
After the completion of our strategic brand development consulting, the  refreshed brand was introduced to raving enthusiasm by distributors, retail buyers and consumers, enabling the brand to command a premium price and is now positioned for premium retail distribution.
"Working with Thomson was the best experience of our startup journey. He patiently and masterfully guided us to realize a much bigger vision for our business and our brand. When my partner saw the strategy recommendations and visual concepts for the brand, all he could say was, “this looks like money!”

Jan Rem
Founder & CEO
Ambrosia Linens Inc.

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