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Three essentials for transforming complexity to simplicity.

To transform complexity into simplicity you’ll need three essentials– the right resources, honest communication and disciplined action.

Business leaders and teams in growing companies are deluged with complexity growing their business/brands to the next level of success. In an ever-changing and complex world, business leaders need to embrace elegant simplicity.

Truth is simplicity is not trusted–ideas and solutions that are simple, even obvious, are not valued. Business leaders have a tendency to believe the more complex the business model, product, project, etc., the more difficult it will be to arrive at the desired outcome. This bias towards complexity rather than simplicity is a real buzz kill to progress.

Complexity can be broken down and transformed into simple, elegant solutions if you employ the right resources, foster open and honest communication, and are disciplined in your actions toward accomplishment.


Ample resources are necessary to achieve any desired outcome. Obviously you need physical stuff to get things done. At the beginning of any growth or change initiative, if you (and your organization) truly believe everything necessary for achievement is abundantly available for your use, complexity will vanish. If you are in this frame of mind, you’ll see the patterns and the connectivity in everything. In the realm of your creative imagination there is an infinite supply. The right amounts of money, time, talented people, partnerships, impact and influence can all be imagined. Before anything can be physical it must first be imagined and then believed in. When that’s in place the right resources will appear in an easy and relaxed way.


Honest, free-flowing, transparent communication between humans is an essential component for transforming complexity into simplicity. Creativity and innovation in your business must be agenda-free. Everything and everyone in the value chain of your business must be intellectually, emotionally and spiritually connected to a shared vision of a bigger future. Honesty is the bedfellow of trust. Trust is a gene in the DNA of simplicity. Foster an environment of open communication, where there’s no such thing as individual turf, self interest or insulated operational silos. Every idea and effort is made needlessly more complex without honest, free-flowing and transparent communication.


Everyone has heard the expression “99% is a bitch, 100% is a breeze”. Simplicity requires discipline. A disciplined team cuts through complexity like a hot knife through butter. The process of innovation, growth and advancement will be fraught with false starts, half-baked efforts and missteps. But a disciplined team will conquer these barriers of inherent complexity and experience breakthroughs every time. Discipline is freedom from complexity. Disciplined action comes from the love of a shared ideal. All great and transformative movements and achievements throughout human history come from disciplined and persistent actions.

Tapping into your collective creative imagination, fostering open and honest communication at every level of your business and value chain and building an organization that operates with disciplined action may seem too simple for you. Don’t fool yourself.

The power of creativity, innovation and growth in your business will always be found in solutions steeped in elegant simplicity.


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