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The Myth of Work-Life Balance.

If you’re running and growing a business, how good are you at this thing called “work-life balance”?

Everywhere I go, work-life balance seems to be the holy-grail for early stage entrepreneurs. They talk about it all the time. But I don’t see too many who achieve any form of balance grinding heads down 12-14 hour days year in and year out.

Maybe work-life balance is a myth–a dynamic tension that never achieves a static or “balanced” state.

It’s December. In my consulting business, everything slows way down. This is when I focus my attention on reflection and rest. My attempt at balancing the scale.

I use this last month of the year to step away from my rat race and take an honest look at my results. Did I achieve my life and business goals this year? Did I move the ball closer to my goal even if I didn’t actually achieve the goal?

Reflecting over the past year, did I make progress? Is my life in “balance”?

As objectively as I can, I use this valuable block of time to assess what’s working for me and what isn’t–always learning to improve the quality of every area of my life.

December is my period of rest–chillax, play music, walk on the beach, cherish time with my family and basically do nothing but let my mind wander aimlessly where it will.

In this state of mind, I feel free–more able to assess my life circumstances with greater clarity and objectivity and make whatever navigational tweaks are deemed necessary to achieve my goals.

December seems to always impose on me a big chunk of time I would not otherwise take for myself along the way. That’s just how it is for me… other times, I rest and reflect when I can.

I don’t know if my annual practice of rest and reflection constitutes any form of work life balance. I just know its necessary.

I know entrepreneurs and business owners who devoutly practice the art of “time off” by taking three to four days out of the available seven to do nothing but relax and simply enjoy their life.

And they get the all the right shit done in their business in the few remaining “on” days.

Maybe these enlightened entrepreneurs recognize that work-life balance isn’t an accomplishment but a constant disciplined practice of mindfulness.

Whenever you do it, and in what quantities, be mindful that rest and reflection are essential to your well-being. Which of course is essential to your business success. Discipline your busy, hurried, stressed out self to stop, rest, reflect, and then rest some more.

The quality of your time off determines the effectiveness of your time on.

Wishing you inspired success in every area of your life!


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