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The Magic of a Creatively Inspired Life.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Creativity is within all of us. Creativity is who and what we are, not what we do.

Right brain or left-brain, whichever side of the head you happen to favor, you’re creative by nature. The creative power that formed the atoms that formed the molecules that are the skin, bones and brain of you is a magical, creative force of nature.

Don’t believe me–go ahead and try to make a human brain.

Early on in my business life, creativity was an idea I’d taken for granted–having made a career as a designer, writer and creative director–creativity just came naturally with the territory. Like breathing, I never thought much about it.

But over the years, as I developed and expanded my own thinking and understanding, I have a deeper, more sacred appreciation for the magic of creativity in every area of life. Now I see creativity everywhere and in everything.

I lament when I hear people say to me “I wish I was good at being creative”, believing creativity was reserved only for those with talents for artistic expression.

Human beings are the highest expression of creativity. Creativity is the underlying cause that shapes our perception of reality in space time.

George Lucas coined this power as the "Force". Indigenous people call it the “Great Spirit”. Still others call it "God"... whatever.

Creativity doesn’t care what word we use to define it. It simply is what it is.

Creativity is within all of us. Creativity is who and what we are, not what we do.

Creativity is the great space of nothingness between the formless and the formed. We humans are the only animals on the planet gifted with the ability to tap into this nothingness and create something.

Wallace Wattles, one of the early 20th century New Thought philosophers called it a “thinking substance that permeates and surrounds us”. Like gravity, a natural force that’s always “on”.

The magic of living a creatively inspired life lies in your mindset. People live in basically one of two mindsets–one is fixed, the other open.

People with a fixed mindset believe they are given a certain quantity and quality of talent and capability and nothing can change that. They were just born that way and that’s all there is to it.

On the other hand, those with an open mindset know there is no shortage of supply.

They use their higher faculties of intuition, imagination and curiosity to explore the wild frontier of their lives. They are inspired by possibilities rather than certainties.

The creative force that made your physical body, makes your heart beat and allows your magnificent mind to wander, is the same force that will gather from the ethers whatever is necessary for you to bring your creative ideas into form.

The magic of living a creatively inspired life is found in the act choosing it for yourself. Where ever you are on life’s journey, as long as you’re breathing, you choose which mindset you live in and what kind of life you’ll create.

As a creative entrepreneur, what will you make of your life and business?


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