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The Creative Power of Possibility.

This one word forms the basis for all creativity, innovation and invention. As long as you are breathing, everything you can think of is a possibility.

I love the word “possibility”.  This one word represents the very essence of the entrepreneurial experience. In order to achieve anything in your business (and life for that matter), one must first believe achievement is possible. Nothing is more essential to bringing your ideas into form than the possibility of their manifestation.

For creative entrepreneurs and solo professionals, this one word provides the hope and framework for their belief, persistence and perseverance. Against all reason, odds and rational thinking, even when there is no available physical evidence to prove an idea, vision, goal or desire will come to be–as long as you are still among the living– everything you can imagine is a possibility.

Go ahead pinch yourself… are you still alive? If so, whatever idea is burning white hot inside you right now has a real chance for success! Nothing is impossible. Science and technology is proving this at exponential speed.

Possibility resides in the formless word of your creative imagination. You won’t be able to find a possibility in the physical realm. Possibility is a potential outcome formed by your thoughts.

Achievement is the result of the right action in the physical realm. When you think about taking your business to the next level, what do you believe is possible?  Possibility doesn’t care about your talent, capability, circumstances, connections, education, or bank account. Possibility is linked to your belief in yourself. If you believe what you want is possible or impossible, you’re right!

Nothing is more exciting than turning possibility into achievement. In fact, the real fun of achieving anything happens before the achievement.  It’s exciting to think of the possibilities. What are you thinking about right now?

Are you afraid or are you hopeful?

Everything that ever was, is now, or will be in the future begins with a thought. If the thought is powerful enough, it will engage your emotions. If you are emotionally connected to the thought, then you begin to believe it is indeed possible. When you believe strong enough in the possibility of achieving, then you will be effortlessly compelled into the right action.

Thought+belief+action= the possibility of achievement.

Thomas Edison believed it was possible to provide light in every home and building in every city in the world long before he knew how to take the right actions. The very possibility fueled his creative mind and thousands of attempts to achieve it until finally he did.  Landing three people on the moon was once thought impossible too. This is a natural law of physics and the formula has been the same for every human achievement since the beginning of time.

At the quantum level, it’s all energy, or as I like to say, “It’s all goo”. Your thoughts make things from the goo! And in the goo, there is no shortage of supply!

So next time you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused and stuck–stop everything, step back and ponder the creative power of limitless possibility of your success.

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