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Know what you want, expect it will be delivered.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

We’ve all been told countless times–persistence pays! Everybody “knows” the value of persistent action. But persistence alone is not enough to create results.

This is my first post in over a month!  I’ve been heads down and tweaking in business development mode for my branding agency PULL Brand Innovation. If you’ve followed my stuff here on the blog, you may know I created the White Hot Center (labor of love) and PULL Brand Innovation (labor of love and money) at the same time. Both entities represent my big ideas for creating a bigger future. Only one of them currently pays the bills.

Like many of you are doing in your own businesses, I’ve had to put greater focus on generating the cash flow. My absence here is proof of my persistent action elsewhere. 

Persistent action towards the goal you are pursuing, without unwavering faith and belief that you will in fact achieve it, is the same as driving with your foot on the brake.

Know what you want, decide to pursue it, expect that it will be delivered to you.

Never desire what you don’t expect to experience, nor expect to experience what you don’t desire. Nothing will block your flow (results) faster than getting yourself tangled up on the wrong end of this principle.  To create, it’s essential to expect whatever you are persistently working towards will be delivered to you. Expect, without exception or reservation, that what you desire will happen. Hope is not enough. Luck has nothing to do with it either.

One of the more interesting things about writing this blog is when I realize I’m in need of a good dose of my own medicine. The honest truth is I still struggle with trace amounts of disbelief that my big ideas and desires will be achieved.  I worry there is not enough time, contacts, money, poor economy, blah, blah, blah.

In my persistence to create new business, I’ve allowed my focus to drift to my perceived lack and limitation… and as we all know, anytime we feel lack, we cut ourselves off from inspiration. My higher self is writing this post for my limited self right now.  Of course if the shoe fits for you…

Feeling inspired about our vision for a bigger future comes from unwavering faith and belief that what you are working so hard for is, in fact, on its way to you, but is currently over the horizon out of your view. We must trust in our faith and belief that our vision is on its way, but will arrive in its own time.  We can’t control the “when it will happen”.

Only faith and belief can sustain persistent energy and action. They’re two sides of the same coin. One is no good without the other. No matter how disciplined you are, your persistent actions cannot be sustained unless you are guided by your faith and belief that you will accomplish what you desire.

Only a conscious mind with conviction can turn raw possibilities and potential into physical reality. Faith and belief require we are paying attention, focused on our ideal. Faith and belief live in the present–the future is now.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the complexity, the details, and the fear. That’s part of the creative process too. Acknowledge it and take a deep breath. Now focus your attention on the shear joy that comes from committing to the pursuit of a big idea that really matters to you, confidently knowing in time, it will be delivered.

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