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How to take a quantum leap to scale your early growth business to the next level.

If you’re leading an early growth company (typically with annual revenues of $1MM+) most likely you're pondering how to scale your business to the next level. Most business leaders at this level are stuck.

Quantum leaps, rather than incremental growth, requires a bold strategy. You’ll need to adopt a certain ideology, mindset and methodology to transform and scale your business.

That was the case in my early business– stuck at $500K a year in revenue with little to show for it at the end. My goal was to scale to 7 figures and beyond. But until my thinking changed, my progress toward that goal was slow and painful.

Now years later, I can see clearly that it was my mindset (thinking in a certain way) that made all the difference in any success I've experienced.

For early stage entrepreneurs, where ever you are in relation to your revenue goals, allow me to share what I have learned about taking a quantum leap rather than baby steps:

Quit Trying Harder – Trying harder only produces incremental gains. A quantum shift is an elegant solution requiring far less effort.

Ignore Conventional Wisdom and Approaches– A quantum leap requires an abrupt change in your behavior. It requires finesse over effort, simplicity over complexity, a new paradigm and a fresh perspective.

Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow – Quantum leaps require “uncommon sense.” Rethink your thinking. Be unreasonable. Violate the boundaries of the probable.

Suspend YOUR Disbelief – Act as if your success is certain and proceed boldly.

Focus On Ends Rather Than Means – It is critical you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Solutions and tactics will appear. Draw the map as you go.

Rely On The Unseen Forces – When you focus on your clear vision of what you want to accomplish, and move confidently toward it, unexpected and unknown resources materialize to conspire for your success.

Choose Your Own Set Of Rules – You can never avoid risk, but you can choose which risks you will take. Risk believing in yourself.

Trust In The Power Of The Pursuit – Dreams and big ideas begin to transform into reality when they are pursued, because the world behaves differently when you go after what you want. Disciplined action everyday.

Seek Failure and Learn – Unless you are willing to fail, you will never have the opportunity to test the limits of what you're capable of accomplishing.

Beware of Comfort – Quantum leaps jerk you out of your comfort zone and places you out on the frontier of new experiences. If you aren’t experiencing discomfort, the risk you are taking probably isn’t worthy of you.

Open Your Gifts – You currently have unused gifts waiting to play a role in your quantum leap, open them.

Fall In Love – Create a “magnificent obsession" that goes beyond the reasonable.

Begin With What Is At Hand – Make your move before you're ready. You don’t prepare for a quantum leap, you make it!… and then you fine tune as you go.

Look Within For The Opportunity – Everything that’s needed comes from inside you, not from anything outside you.

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