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Faith and Belief: The dominant frame of mind for creating a bigger future!

Updated: May 27, 2020

The seed of every success lies in the dominant frame of mind, not in knowledge, talent or skill.

In less than half a generation, knowledge on anything is everywhere and more accessible to everyone than ever before in human history. If you’re an early stage entrepreneur or solo professional in this day in age, you already know how easy it is to obtain tactical knowledge from the outside world–but what about the inside world of your creativity and imagination. The formless, good dirt where the seeds of your future are planted.

Where do you go for inspiration and motivation to support the quality of your head game?

Just a friendly reminder, if you are beginning a new business idea–more important for your success than obtained knowledge and skill, is the quality of what you're currently thinking about – your dominant frame of mind.

The quality of what you think about forms the quality of your emotions, and what you’re feeling will, in turn, drive your behavior or action. Actions determine results. This is the law of cause and effect at work, and just like gravity, it’s always on. The hip bone's connected to the... you get the idea.

Faith & belief are the twin sisters of a disciplined mind.

Everywhere I go speaking and working with entrepreneurs, most are “hopeful” after assuming the risk of failure, that their business, product, service will be a marketplace success. I hope so too, but for me, hope is not enough to put hay in the barn.

Hope is not the dominant frame of mind that will make things happen.

Naturally, it’s the ultimate zen challenge for all entrepreneurs in the process of building a bigger future for the world and for themselves to remain in the right frame of mind. I’m not talking about trite and cliché positive thinking or affirmations here (although that’s helpful too), I’m talking about faith and belief– not hope!

Do you believe without reservation that your vision / dream / desire / goal is on its way to you right now; or are you uncertain, doubtful and fearful, trying to obtain more outside knowledge to hedge your risk?

Your belief is the effect that your faith causes. The amount of one determines the amount of the other. You can never have more of one and less of the other. .But you must first have faith to believe.

Not the kind of faith you have when it’s happening and things are going your way. No, I’m talking about the kind of faith required to believe in something you don’t see happening or producing the results you expect. The kind of faith that confirms “you just know you know” this business idea will succeed in spite of any current evidence to the contrary!

Faith before belief.

This is real Jedi mind level stuff. There’s nothing complicated about creating results in the world. It’s a pretty simple cause and effect formula:

Faith will power your belief, which creates your emotions, that drive your actions, which determines your results.

If you’re in the critical stages of inventing or reinventing your business, entering new markets, appealing to different customers, innovating new products, recovering from a recent business failure, even starting over from scratch, here’s a first principal I find helpful to practice whenever I start to ponder what I want to acheive:

Never desire what you don’t expect to experience, nor expect to experience what you don’t desire. (Tweetable)

Faith and Belief are twin sisters. Together they must occupy your dominant frame of mind.  Put your energy into strengthening your faith and belief in your big idea, not just more knowledge of tactics. The marketplace will always be open to crazy ideas.


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