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Essential steps for realizing your next level of growth and success!

In the process of climbing your ladder of success, you can easily feel overwhelmed.  When you do, focus your creative energy on these essential steps for realizing your next level of growth and success.

There’s nothing sexy or complicated about these timeless principals for extraordinary performance and achievement. When you’re feeling stuck, get yourself focused on the discipline to master the basics of playing a bigger game and making quantum leaps in your progress. Start with what’s at hand and from where you stand.

Which of these essential ingredients are already present in you? Which of these require more of your focus and attention?

Be the greatest. I remember how I marveled at the iconic Mohammed Ali constantly proclaiming “I am the greatest!”  Long before he was the greatest, he knew that in order for him to experience and demonstrate his greatness, he had to stay standing in the ring and take the punishing punches from a bunch of other great fighters. He played big! His burning desire to be the greatest prizefighter ever was far more powerful than his fear and doubt that he might not be the greatest.  And so it is with you in your business. Whatever your industry or profession, stand in your greatest and share it every day!

Commit yourself to your greatness and settle for nothing less. Being the greatest means knowing that there is no end to your learning, growth and capability to attract the best opportunities simply through the quality of your presence. Every moment in your life presents a choice to be great, or to be safe and cozy in the slush pile.

Create a compelling vision, then a real plan. No progress is made without a compelling vision and a master plan. And one is no good without the other. Know what you want, commit to making it happen no matter what, and believe you can achieve it.  Wishing won’t get it done. You need a plan. The best way to design a plan is to put your compelling vision in writing.  A written vision is the first particle of matter towards its realization.

And while you’re at it, make sure your thinking is bigger than the thinking that has brought you to your current reality. I’d like to suggest that instead of being content with planning gradual, conventional progress, your plan should facilitate rapid, radical moves several stages above where you’re at now. Plan for a breakthrough– design your quantum leap!

Create products and services that create new value. There’s no more room in the marketplace for me-too anything. Innovate products and services that are an equal reflection of your own unique greatness. You can’t experience quantum leaps in your success if you offer products and services that are the same as everybody else.

Your purpose in business is to innovate new value in the marketplace, not compete for the value that has already been created.  To paraphrase Steve Jobs “put your own dent in the universe”.

Bake in the marketing. Your offerings must represent an ideal that is highly valued by the best customers in your marketplace. The only way to do this is by uniquely positioning your value proposition above and beyond the features, benefits and utility of your products and services. Your best customers don’t really care about having more product features that work well. Everything works well these days! They expect that!  That’s not enough for you to have competitive advantage and command premium prices.

To create demand for what you offer, bake the marketing into its creation and delivery. Customers must have trust and confidence that what you represent will elevate their life circumstances and alleviate their pain first. It’s always about them and never you.

Be a Closer. Nothing happens until you have a paying customer. Converting prospects to customers requires being trusted and respected– still not enough to turn a relationship into cash. All Closers have a very well defined sales process that removes every buyer objection all along the complete buying cycle. At each step, Closers strengthen the foundation of the business relationship long before any money is involved.

And once money has changed hands, Closers never allow their customers to experience buyer’s remorse for very long. Closers remove all fear and doubt and reinforce belief that they are the best choice.  Closers are value creators not order-takers. Are you a Closer?

Work with the best people. When you’re the greatest at whatever it is that you do, why settle for less than the best when choosing who your partners, employees and collaborators will be? For you to take a quantum leap in your progress, it’s essential you attract and retain the greatest talent to help you achieve your goals.  Your greatness attracts in equal measure other great people who what to hang with you and help you be successful.  Partner with people who are operating at higher genius levels in areas where you are weak.

Let great people do the great work they’re meant to do by forming a team that is a force multiplier for the success of all concerned. Rugged individualism is a boat anchor on the ship of progress.

Create experiences people love. At the end of the day, all success in business is based on love. Serving your customers by elevating their life experience is how you demonstrate your caring and love for them. Always deliver on your promise and then some.  In every activity, the most successful entrepreneurs always provide more use value than they receive in cash value.

Enlightened entrepreneurs who lead markets shift their focus from counting transactions to innovating scintillating, dramatic, novel, relevant, transformative experiences that people love– and love to share with others.


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