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Developing a utopian mindset can transform your business to the next level.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Your frame of mind is a choice you make in any moment. The process of creating more value for customers begins with a choice to develop a utopian mindset.

Seemingly having a utopian mindset has become unfashionable nowadays.

This is perfectly understandable in light of the economic and political turmoil we have experienced in recent years. Things out there look pretty uncertain. And if you’re trying to take your business to a higher level, uncertainty is a buzz kill.

No doubt about it the dominant theme in our world is one of dystopia. People experience a constant feeling of dis-ease that permeates our culture at large. Increasingly we sense events are controlling us–our choices and freedoms. Collectively we seem powerless to affect our own destiny.

But uncertainty is only partly to blame for our general pattern of dystopian thinking. The bigger cause of our darker view of things lies in the fabric of the digital age we find ourselves in.

With no end in site, information comes at us with increased volume and velocity. Information is white noise. We are long past the tipping point where we no longer discern and recognize patterns in all this goo. Our understanding of what’s going on around us is diminished by our ever short attention spans. Our ability to think on higher levels, necessary to innovate solutions to our collective challenges, becomes more difficult.

If you’re an entrepreneur caught in the early struggle stages of your business, a utopian frame of mind is essential to break through the complexity and uncertainty and take your business to your next level of success.

We know utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first coined in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

Breaking out of the dystopian early-struggle stage of your business growth requires you lead a sustainable, profitable market. You must have all three. This is where a utopian mindset comes in handy. To elevate the quality of your presence in the marketplace requires creativity and innovation.

The only place perfection exists is in your creative imagination. Within your imagination everything is formless and without limitation. Everything is essentially perfect in every way. All ideas that create greater value for customers come from the formless imagination. Everything that was, is or will ever be begins in a formless state– a utopian state.

A disciplined utopian mindset is absolutely essential if you are to create value that attracts a sustainable, profitable market. This means your dominant frame of mind will be a choice between operating on the competitive plane or the creative plane.

When you operate on the dystopian competitive plane you are always in fear. Your focus is on what you lack. You only win when somebody else loses. You only bring products to market that are based in incremental user needs, and abundantly available from other sources. You’ll be forced to compete at the lowest price. Your enterprise will be managed based on control, competition and survival.

However when you choose to embrace a utopian frame of mind, you’ll operate on the creative plane. There will be no shortage in supply of opportunity. You’ll innovate and design products that redefine the category, delighting customers with the unexpected, making competition irrelevant. Your customers will experience more use value than they pay you in cash value–making price irrelevant.

Your mission will be focused on turning possibilities into realities. Your business will not count transactions but create experiences people love and build trust marketing money can’t buy.

The result is your life and business will be forever elevated to a higher level.


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