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Case Study: Flying Embers Hard Kombucha.

Developing the brand positioning strategy for a startup hard kombucha brand.

Flying Embers Hard Kombucha is on a mission to be the global market leader in the better-for-you alcohol beverage category. Flying Embers brand offers the world a great tasting, organic, alcohol beverage alternative for adventurous consumers to turn every moment into a celebration.

When innovative entrepreneur Bill Moses, Founder and former CEO of KeVita Probiotic Drinks, began to venture into new beverage categories after KeVita’s acquisition by Pepsico, he reached out once again to the WHC for strategic consulting on positioning a new hard kombucha brand.

We began our collaboration with the brand team in a robust analysis and discussion of the target consumer and the cultural trends that would drive relevance and trial for the brand. The product was still in the early innovation and development phase when we began to develop the brand positioning for this new product code named “Live Brew”.


Flying Embers Brand Positioning Strategy


The brand’s value proposition proclaimed a better for you Kefir Beer/Alcoholic Kombucha, combining scientifically proven functional ingredients, in a certified organic, consistently great tasting beverage for early adopter consumers to indulge their freedom and passion to celebrate life their way.

Introduced to the marketplace under the brand name Flying Embers–the brand name came as a result of a massive wildfire that threatened hometown Ojai and the fledgling brewery. For three relentless days and nights the community banded together to fight the inferno. The flames towered on the ridge above the brewery, swirling embers filled the sky, and the startup brand faced complete destruction before it even got off the ground. Alas the fates were kind. Flying Embers survived to rave reviews by the trade press and consumers alike upon it’s introduction in 2017.

Editor’s Note: Flying Embers Brand Identity was created by the Client’s In-House Creative Team.

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