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Invest one day with your team to strengthen your strategic focus to be the one and only choice customers love and can’t live without.
  • More Focus –  Get your thinking zeroed in the one thing that will make all the difference in getting you moving forward again with clarity and confidence.
  •  Accelerated Progress – In times of change, trusted, expert guidance to make better informed strategic and creative decisions can accelerate progress to meet your business objectives.
  • Strategic and Creative Ideas  – Everything starts as a creative idea. We’ll quickly generate a flow of ideas that will enhance your presence in the marketplace.
  • More Clarity and Confidence – Change involves risk. Confidence your making the right decisions can only come from clarity. Knowing "you got this" reduces stress –especially when there is a lot of skin in the game.
Gain the traction and momentum to be the one and only brand customers love and can’t live without.
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Strategic Sessions Structure and Framework:
  • Pre-Session Assessment – Conduct interviews with CEO / Team Leader to gather specific information necessary to determine the current challenges facing the business, the specific agenda for the strategy session and the desired outcome of the strategy session. We'll review relevant business benchmarks, market research, marketing / sales strategies and marketing communications.
  • Pre-Session Planning– On the night before our session, we have dinner together to review our agenda, and learn more about the team participants working together in the next day.
  • Full Day Facilitated Strategy Session – Strategy Sessions begin promptly at 8:00am and concludes at 5:00pm or later as determined by client progress through the strategy session content. Client is responsible for arranging refreshments and a 30-minute working lunch at the session venue.
  • Post Strategy Session Deliverables – Executive Summary document outlining all strategic ideas, decisions and next steps agreed to by the participant team. The Executive Summary (PDF) is delivered to the client within one week of the strategy session day. A follow-up consultation with the CEO/Team Leader 30 days after the strategy session to review implementation/activation progress.
We develop the session agenda to address your specific business/brand challenges. We conduct the strategy sessions individually or as a consecutive series delivered over 3-4 weeks. Leadership teams in diverse startups, early stage to mid-market companies have accelerated their progress through these one-day strategy sessions. Clients typically face these business /brand growth challenges:
  • inventing and positioning a new business.
  • managing the implications of exits, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions.
  • introducing new products and services.
  • extending brands into new product categories.
  • planning to enter new markets or serve a new customer segment.
  • planning to bring new life to under-performing brands.
  • planning to shift brand messaging and communication strategies.
Individual workshop sessions are $10,000 USD (plus travel / material expenses).
Booking all three-workshops as a consecutive series is $25,000 USD (plus travel / material expenses).
Gain the traction and momentum to be the one and only brand customers love and can’t live without.
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