“It’s like having a magic wand!”
After struggling for nearly a year to transform their brand, this is how a recent CEO Founder described the result of our accelerated Strategic Brand Development Program.
Many Founders struggle with the strategic and creative process of developing the foundation for their brand. Within their early stage organizations there can be a lack of clarity, objectivity, expertise and resources necessary to build the strategic and creative foundation of a successful and enduring brand.
The Strategic Brand Development Program offers strategic and creative guidance specifically designed for forward thinking, early stage Founders / CEOs who want to increase their sales revenue at an accelerated pace.
Strategic Brand Development Program Overview:
Phase I: Discovery & Assessment
The discovery phase will help you and your management team gain more insight and clarity to identify the challenges inside and outside of your enterprise that may impact your decisions and priorities on the changes you must make in your business. Using a diagnostic process, we’ll work together to define what a successful brand transformation outcome will look like and how you will achieve it going forward.
Phase II: Strategic Brand Transformation
Once we have consensus on the specific brand transformation challenges facing your business, we conduct a series of highly facilitated brand transformation strategy sessions with you and your team. These strategy sessions strengthen your focus on identifying the needs of higher value customers, developing your brand positioning, value proposition, brand promise, brand messaging pillars, brand personality and tone of voice. These elements form the foundation of your brand strategy ecosystem and brand plan. The outcome of these sessions will guide your decisions on brand identity development, culture, product development and innovation, sales, marketing and communications tactics that will drive the bigger future for your business /brand.
Phase III:  Brand Asset Development and Expression
To bring the imperatives of your strategic vision to life, we explore conceptual ideas for how your brand will best express its unique value to higher value customers. This creative development phase includes a rich visual and verbal overview of your brand story, language, brand identity elements. When adopted, this creative overview provides the framework and communications guidance necessary for your team to implement the transformation in the marketplace.
The deliverable form of our collaboration:
The outcome of our collaboration will provide you and your team with a comprehensive Executive Strategy Summary that documents all the decisions, business imperatives and outcomes of the brand strategy sessions. Additionally, we’ll create comprehensive Brand Expression Guidance that illustrates in detail all the visual and verbal elements that will comprise the look, feel and personality of how your brand will present itself to higher value customers in the marketplace going forward. This documentation serves as a reference tool and management guide to communicate the value of your brand to equity investors, potential partners, distributors, and other marketing professionals who would be charged with future marketing and media implementation
The investment is $25,000+ USD (depending on the scope of your required Phase III elements and required documentation). Clients at this level of engagement are typically private equity startups and emerging growth companies in diverse industries with annual revenues of $2MM+. Completing the Strategic Brand Development Program typically takes 4-6 weeks.


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