Brand transformation coaching, advice and guidance for Founders taking their business to the next level of success.
Together we’ll develop an advisory plan suited to your needs and put it into action over the course of 90 days as a fractional member of your leadership team. Advisory consulting includes insight and guidance on issues relating to business development, strategic brand transformation and development strategy, brand identity, customer experience design, marketing communication strategies for implementation in sales and marketing channels.
Here’s what you can expect from our on-going collaboration:
  • More Focus – Quickly remove complexity and get your actions zeroed in the one thing that will make all the difference in your progress to have early wins.
  • Accelerated Momentum and More Progress – In times of change, an expert assessment on your current issues and challenges can be insightful and useful so you can avoid spending time and money on initiatives that bring no results.
  • Strategic and Creative Ideas – Business is a head game. Everything starts as an idea. Collaborating with you and your team to generate a flow of ideas that will enhance your impact and influence with higher value customers.
  • More Clarity and Confidence – Business is about risk. It’s always better to make big decisions with an inner sense of clarity and confidence that you’re doing the right thing–especially when you have a lot of skin in game.
On-going advisory engagements typically include these business / brand challenges:
  • You are launching a new business, introducing new products or reorganizing and transforming an existing business/brand for its next level of growth.
  • You need guidance on conducting a strategic brand audit before you invest in new marketing initiatives.
  • You are seeking outside marketing partners and want expert oversight in the vetting and interview process.
  • You need professional development advice so your team is more confident and capable in leading brand transformation programs.
  • You need guidance on creative direction and development of brand messaging strategies for your on-going marketing communications programs.
  • You need oversight of in-house teams or other marketing partners charged with brand implementation, corporate and brand identity, naming, design and design management to insure alignment to your business and brand strategy.
  • You need expert advice on product packaging development, branded environments and retail presence.
Individual coaching and advisory consulting begins at $5,000+ USD monthly with a three-month minimum engagement. Clients who engage in this level of advisory consulting typically are funded startups or an established growing business with annual revenues of $1MM USD+.
Let’s get started in a conversation to discuss your brand transformation and implementation challenges.
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“With a new venture in the wings we were looking for a strategy and identity in the marketplace that would set us up as a step above the rest. From the first workshop until the final hand-off of our assets, Thomson delivered on every level. The creative insight and guidance he created was spot on for our niche. The strategy for bringing our brand to the world was the foundation for our early success. I can’t recommend Thomson enough.”
Joe Bruzzese
Founder and CEO, Sprigeo, LLC
Technology Startup, Educational Services