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WHC Podcast: In Search of Mastery.


Our popular business literature is full of proclamations on what mastery is and requires of people and organizations. I am particularly amused with the accepted idea that mastery is simply the result of 10,000 hours of practice. According to the conventional wisdom after that amount of time invested you’re considered to be a master.

Mastery is not about the time you put in because, in itself, mastery is timeless. In this podcast, I share some ideas about mastery and what’s really involved in being a Master Jedi style.

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WHC Podcast: Perseverance is the key to making it rain.

Rain Dancing
Perseverance is the key to making it rain in your business. Never give up on something you love and believe in! The form of the desire may show up in unexpected ways, but it will always lead to a higher, richer experience… let it pour!

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WHC Podcast: The temptation to copy what works


Building your business is a process not an event. It will always involve change. Many factors drive that change– new opportunities, bigger ideas, even a competitor’s threat to a your core business. To grow your business, it might be tempting to copy the success of others. In this podcast,you’ll learn why this is not a useful strategy.

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