Inspiration for entreprenuers who
want more impact, influence and income.

The White Hot Center Manifesto

 WHC Manifesto Book Project

The 21st century is the gateway for humanity to unlock our greater potential and elevate our presence on this planet. The future is here now bringing with it unimaginable challenge and opportunity for 21st century entrepreneurs.

The White Hot Center Manifesto proclaims the essential first principles to guide you in your quest to build a life and business with more impact, influence and income.

I’ve gathered these ideas and put them to work over my 30-year consulting career guiding hundreds of startup entrepreneurs, established CEOs and their management teams through a business transformation. My purpose is to inspire early stage entrepreneurs to master these mindset strategies necessary to thrive in the rapidly changing 21st century marketplace. My hope is the Manifesto will:

  • provide a set of guiding principles by which to create and grow a business / brand that is highly valued in the marketplace.
  • help entrepreneurs to have more clarity and confidence to grow their business as the one and only choice for higher value customers and clients.
  • inspire entrepreneurs to stay connected and focused on their purpose, core values, and what they’re unwilling to compromise on for short-term gain.
  • provide insight and guidance on mastery of the “inner game”  that forms the foundation for business and life success.
  • help entrepreneurs serve their customers with more creativity and innovation making issues of price and competition irrelevant.

These are the principles that comprise the White Hot Center Manifesto:

1 as you think, so it becomes
all creation begins with thinking in a certain way.

2 know what you want, decide to pursue it, expect it will be delivered to you
never desire what you don’t expect to experience, nor expect to experience what you don’t desire.

3 do what matters to you, and what matters must serve others
meaning + contribution = a life of significance.

4  begin now with what’s at hand
there is no shortage of supply, you are at all times surrounded by potential and possibility.

5  as you live in your days you craft your future
forget the past, your future is right now!

6  embrace simplicity
do everything in an easy and relaxed manner.

7  the best idea is the one you think is impossible
don’t be afraid to put your own “dent in the universe”.

8  be different, make a difference
it’s all about the quality of your presence.

9  provide more use value than you receive in cash value
the ultimate competitive advantage and the key to wealth.

10  people are more important than money
get this reversed and it’s game over!

11  create experiences people love
doing good things for people is good business.

12  serve more, sell less
It’s all about them not you. Serve don’t sell.

13  intuition over conventional wisdom
follow your heart, there is no better alternative.

14  daydream often
play aimlessly in your creative imagination.

15  focus on the important, handle the urgent
do what brings you joy, delegate everything else.

16  forget what you know
the 21st century moves too fast for one mind – seek collaborators.

17  beware of comfort
it will put you to sleep!

18  play on the edges
embrace risk like a lover.

19  to thine own self be true, no exceptions, no excuses
say no often and mean it.

20  leadership is service in disguise
elevate everyone you come into contact with.

21  give thanks, give back
appreciation + service =  abundance.