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Recently a life-long colleague called me a CEO Whisperer. I’ve never thought of my work in quite that way, but I guess you could say that. Because I’ve earned my CEO clients trust, they value my advice and guidance.

The real value I provide my clients is in the quality of the thinking not the style of the doing. I promise my clients their current condition will be improved, and their organization elevated closer to their strategic goals. With that level of trust, I’ve earned the right to whisper in the client’s ear – like Tom to Micheal Corleone:-)

Despite all the modern-day hocus-pocus-blah-blah-blah in the marketing and branding world. Your business success still comes down to this simple and basic idea:

If you can’t clearly and quickly help a customer believe your solution is their “one and only” solution, you’ll never scale your business to the next level.

I call this “the scalability factor”.  It’s also the title of my forthcoming book.

I advise CEOs and their teams in early growth companies, (typically with annual revenues above $1 million), who struggle to scale their impact and influence with higher value customers. If you’re seeking a solution to the “scalability factor” in your early growth business, let’s start a conversation.

Meantime, here’s a link to a 40-minute Webcast that will show you and your team how to develop a value proposition that matters to higher value customers and can’t be claimed by competitors. To watch, click the registration ink:

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About The WhiteHotCenter

Few business transformation and brand strategy advisors today can bring to bear the depth of expertise and breadth of experience that Thomson Dawson will focus on your growing business.

Thomson’s expertise is not the product of a famous business school pedigree, nor does he echo the philosophies and practices of big management consulting firms, nor does he have a long history managing a large corporate bureaucracy. He’s not a self obsessed media celebrity or guru.

Thomson is a life-long entrepreneur and an influential writer, speaker and consultant on brand strategy, visual design, marketing communications, value creation, professional and business development. For over thirty years, Thomson Dawson has collaborated with leaders and teams in global businesses like Abbott, Amway, Acura, Audi, Brunswick, Coleman, Energizer, Fellowes, Food Lion, Haworth, Herman Miller, Hewlett-Packard, Honda, LALA USA, LaZBoy, Jockey, Mannington Flooring, Steelcase, ThedaCare, Volkswagen, Wolverine Worldwide, and dozens more startups to mid-market companies.

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He is a contributing writer to many blogs and publications including the highly acclaimed Branding Strategy Insider blog, one of the 50 top business and brand strategy blogs according to Advertising Age with 40,000+ readers from all over the world.

When he’s not advising clients, you’ll finding him writing his forthcoming book “The Scalability Factor” in the middle of a small orange grove in beautiful Ojai, California.

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