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Strategic and creative consulting exclusively for creative entrepreneurs, solo professionals and small business leaders who want greater clarity and confidence to pursue their best opportunities to experience more impact, influence and income.

At every stage of your business growth, you will face challenges that block your progress. This is true for those at the beginning of their success journey, and for those whose established business has reached a plateau.

Most entrepreneurs are tirelessly working heads down in their business–their days are consumed with the distracting detail of managing their current circumstances, few are looking up and out innovating a stronger foundation for their bigger, better future. Most entrepreneurs focus on the urgent aspects of running their business rather than the more important focus and mastery of creating new value for higher value customers and clients.

My passion is to inspire, guide and advise you and your team to focus on your best opportunities, innovative strategies and effective tactics to master both your inner game (innovation and creative thinking), and your outer game (the quality of your presence in the marketplace) in four essential strategic disciplines:

Expanding the quality of your presence and influence in the marketplace by elevating your thoughts, clarifying your purpose, enhance your effectiveness, and your contributions to the marketplace.

Lifestyle Design
Developing a compelling vision and designing the structure for your total life/business experience based solely on what truly matters to you, leverages your unique talents to serve customers and clients; and enables you to experience greater joy, fulfillment and deep satisfaction beyond money making.

Value Creation
Innovation and creativity to design and develop your value proposition, products and services in forms that are highly valued by customers and clients who wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone else.

Demand Generation
Expand your impact, influence and competitive advantage through brand strategy, development, marketing, communications, sales and business development strategies that position your business as highly valued by the best customers and clients, and elevates your business from the slush pile of competitors.

Three strategic consulting options to help you get your business to the next level!

Power Session Jams
The 1-on-1 Power Session Jam is powerful rent-my-brain-business-life-creative strategy-burn on your best ideas and pending opportunities to experience your next level of success. We’ll jam on issues currently blocking your business growth– maybe you need to rethink your whole scene, change your market, create higher value products, work with new partners, branding your business properly, gain more power in the sales process to attract better clients and customers. Whatever the issue, we’ll quickly get to work in a deep dive conversation helping you gain the clarity and confidence you need to help you break free from mental roadblocks and get you moving in the direction of your desire right from the git go!

Investment: $500 USD (through PayPal)

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Quantum Leap Business Transformation Consulting
Strategic consulting tailored to the specific needs and challenges of forward thinking, creative entrepreneurs, solo professionals and small business organizations who are inventing a new business, launching new products or transforming their business for the next level of growth. Through insight, guidance and creativity, we’ll work together over three-month periods to focus on your best opportunities, leverage your personal strengths and effectiveness, and gain more clarity and confidence in the strategic decisions and innovative actions that will effect your impact, influence and success in the marketplace.

Investment: $3000 USD per month  (3-month minimum engagement)

Learn more about how business transformation consulting can help you get to the next level of success in a conversation with Thomson.


Brand Strategy Workshop For Emerging Companies
This issue-based, highly facilitated one-day workshop is designed for business leaders and their teams who seek more insight, creative thinking, focus and consensus on overcoming specific brand strategy, business development or business transformation challenges.

Typically organizations are inventing new business models, launching new products or transforming their business for the next level of growth. Client organizations for this level of consulting typically have annual revenue of $5-10milliom+. There are four key areas of focus within the workshop day to help you build your strategic road map and make the right decisions for achievement of your business goals:

•  To whom you market, identifying higher value clients who are the best fit for your business.

•  What makes your offerings highly valued by customers and difficult for them to substitute.

•  How to effectively express and message your brand positioning, value proposition and brand story in the marketplace to command premium pricing and competitive advantage.

•  Creating more value at every touch point in the value chain with your customers and clients.

The strategic workshop includes a pre-workshop assessment of the specific challenges you’re currently facing in building your brand, appropriate workshop planning, workshop facilitation, and the post workshop preparation of an Executive Summary documenting the key insights, hypothesis, and strategic decisions discussed in the workshop session that will inform your team and guide next steps.

Investment: $8,500 USD plus travel expenses

Learn more about how the One Day Brand Strategy Workshop can help you create a foundation for building the value of your brand in a conversation with Thomson.

Allow me to help you gain the clarity and confidence to create the success you desire in your business and in your whole life!

Are we a good fit for each other?

The attributes common to my best client relationships.
To help you determine if my consulting services are a good fit for you, allow me to describe the attributes common to my best clients relationships. My clients are entrepreneurs, solo professionals, leaders and their management teams in growing business organizations. My clients have a high degree of ambition, discipline and determination to succeed. Typically they’re at an inflection point in their journey seeking insight, inspiration and knowledge to help them elevate their success to the next level and beyond. They proactively invest financial resources for their future success into all areas of their business. Mutual respect and trust are the key drivers of our successful collaboration. My focus is providing insight, guidance and creativity to help my clients achieve successful outcomes.

Typically, individual entrepreneurs and professional clients have annual incomes of $150,000+ and are seeking insight, knowledge and advice to double and triple that amount. The small business organizations I serve have annual sales or service billing revenue in the $5 – $10 million+ range. 

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