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Strategic Business Transformation Consulting

Transform your business for the next level of growth.

At every stage of your business growth, you will face challenges that block your progress. This is true for those at the beginning of their success journey, and for those whose established business has reached a plateau. My business transformation workshops and consulting programs are designed to help you and your organization develop more focus to create new value for higher value customers and clients.


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Power Session With Thomson Dawson

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The 1-on-1 Power Session Jam is powerful tap-my-brain-business-life-creative strategy-burn on your best ideas and pending opportunities to experience your next level of success. In a complimentary 60 minute phone conversation, we’ll jam together on issues currently blocking your business growth– maybe you need to rethink your whole scene, change your market, create higher value products, work with new partners, branding your business properly, gain more power in the sales process to attract better clients and customers. Whatever the issue, we’ll quickly get to work in a deep dive conversation helping you gain the clarity and confidence you need to get moving in the right direction from the git go!

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Strategic Brand Transformation Workshops

Brand Strategy Worshops

Transforming your business requires a strategy first then tactics follow. Our strategic business transformation workshops align vision and purpose, build richer organizational cultures, and enhance the pull and influence of your business transformation initiatives at every customer encounter.

For growing organizations we offer a series of one-day, issue-based business/brand transformation workshops designed to help you and your team make the right strategic and creative decisions to build impact and influence in the marketplace early in the strategic brand development process. There are three separate workshop topics offered in the series–the strategic brand positioning workshop, brand storytelling workshop and the Brand Voice Workshop.

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Learn more about the Brand Voice Workshop

Typically our workshops are a good fit for clients who are in the early planning stages of transforming their business, introducing  new products and inventing new businesses. All our strategic brand transformation workshop programs include a diagnostic assessment of the current issues facing your business, appropriate workshop planning, workshop facilitation, and preparation of an Executive Summary documenting the decisions and hypothesis discussed in the workshop session. The Executive Summary for each workshop is designed as a management and communications tool to inform and guide your future marketing program implementation.

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Brand Transformation Consulting

Brand Transformation and Creative Implementation Guidance.

Strategic and creative business transformation guidance designed to elevate the quality of your presence in the marketplace and support your competitive advantage. Collaborating closely with you and your management team in three-month modules, my team and I provide strategic insight and creative guidance to help our clients design the physical framework and marketing assets to transform your business for its next level of growth. Our creative guidance provides you and your marketing teams with useful tools for effective creative direction, brand development, implementation and management.

We’ve worked with hundreds of diverse organizations, from global brands to startups alike. Many client engagements are based in subject matter expertise, market insight and creative direction of specific brand implementation programs. We can help you and your marketing teams properly build the foundation of your bigger future through our specialized expertise in corporate and brand identity development, naming, retail presence, retail packaging design, digital presence, brand environments, and marketing communications planning.

If you have a business transformation challenge, let’s have a conversation to discuss how my expertise can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

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