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Strategic Business Transformation Consulting

Focus, clarity and confidence to elevate your presence in the marketplace, attract higher value customers and clients and transform your business/brand to a higher level of success.

Brand Strategy Worshops

Strategic Business / Brand Transformation Guidance.

For funded startup, early growth stage and mid market companies, we offer a variety of custom issue-based business/brand transformation strategic consulting programs designed to help you and your leadership team gain the focus and consensus necessary to make the right strategic and creative decisions to build more impact and influence in the marketplace.

Our full-day facilitated strategic brand transformation sessions– brand audit, brand positioning, architecture, brand storytelling and brand voice–are designed to address your specific brand transformation or development challenges early in the planning phase of inventing a new business, introducing new products or transforming an under performing business / brand that has reached a plateau. You and your team will gain more consensus, clarity and confidence to make better decisions on how best to scale your proven value, attract higher value customers and keep them beyond the reach of competitors.

WHC Brand Workshops

Creative Guidance & Brand Development.

After clients have completed our strategy sessions, we go deeper by guiding them through the creative process of bringing their strategic brand transformation imperatives to life. Our clients receive added value from our expertise when bridging brand strategy to more effective visual and verbal expressions of their higher value in the marketplace.

Our creative insight and visual design guidance empowers marketing teams to properly align your organization’s vision, values and culture with the business value of visual design, language and creative expression. We collaborate with your leadership teams to design and develop the foundational brand assets that will be the future expression of your brand strategy, brand identity and story in the marketplace. Our creative direction serves as the guiding reference for elevating your presence in the markets you serve and provides the creative direction necessary to guide other marketing partners charged with implementing your marketing communication activities going forward. Click the link below and review our client success stories.

Creative Brand Development

“From the very beginning of the workshops with Thomson and through the implementation of our new name and visual expression, he was thoughtful, collaborative, and was clearly committed to our success. Thomson’s experience, guidance, and creativity helped guide two very different shareholders toward a result that we simply could not be happier with. He didn’t tell us who we should be or where we should go–he guided us along a path that helped us discover that our direction and purpose had been there all along, we just needed the expertise to help us reveal it.”

Pete Houlihan
Brightformat Inc.

Review our client success stories here.

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