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Strategic Business Transformation Consulting

Value Proposition Webcast

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Your value proposition is the “true north” of your business. In a marketplace full of clutter, noise and abundant choice, it’s critical your value proposition resonate, differentiate and substantiate your value to attract higher value customers who consider your business/ brand their one and only choice.  In this educational 40-minute webinar, you’ll learn an effective step-by-step process you can use to guide your organization through the critical steps necessary to create a more compelling value proposition that will attract higher value customers and clients and move them beyond the reach of your competitors.

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White Hot Center Consulting

Business/brand transformation guidance designed to help you and your teams develop more focus, clarity and confidence to elevate your presence in the marketplace, attract higher value customers and clients and keep them.

Brand Strategy Worshops

Strategic Business / Brand Transformation Guidance.

For startup to established organizations we offer issue-based business/brand transformation consulting programs designed to help you and your team gain focus and consensus to make the right strategic and creative decisions to build impact and influence in the marketplace. Many client engagements begin by participating in our facilitated strategic brand transformation sessions–brand positioning, architecture, brand storytelling and brand voice. These full day strategic sessions are designed to address your specific brand challenges through a facilitated process to insure you and your team gain more consensus, clarity and confidence to transform your business to a higher level.

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Brand Transformation Consulting

Brand Development and Creative Guidance.

Collaborating closely with you and your internal teams in 90-day increments, we provide on-going strategic insight and creative guidance to bridge the gap between brilliant strategy and effective expression of your higher value in the marketplace. Our creative insight and guidance empowers your marketing teams to properly align your organization’s ideas, values and culture with its use of visual design and messaging. We work right along side of your internal marketing teams and outside partners to insure the consistent expression of your brand strategy, identity and story across all your marketing communication channels.

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