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Strategic Brand Transformation Consulting

Strategic and creative guidance for leadership teams to scale impact and influence with higher value customers.

Brand transformation consulting tailored to meet the challenges leaders and teams in emerging growth companies face as they scale their impact and influence with higher value customers who represent the next level of growth and success.

Power Session Strategy Advice for Early Stage Entrepreneurs.

A rent-my-brain-business-life-no BS-creative strategy-burn! In a 60-90 minute session, you can tap into 35 years of brand marketing, design and communication experience to get immediate expert advice on brand challenges you are currently facing.


Brand Strategy Activation/Implementation Guidance.

Strategic vision without flawless execution is nothing more than a pipe dream. Brand transformation guidance is an important element in the success of your brand activation initiatives particularly if you don’t have this expertise in-house. Thomson Dawson provides on-going advice and guidance for leaders and teams in the process of bringing their brand strategy to life within their organizations and in their sales and marketing channels.


One-Day Brand Transformation Strategy Workshops

Through a series of full-day strategy sessions, leadership teams focus their thinking to overcome their most important business/brand transformation challenges.  These facilitated sessions provide leadership teams with a methodology and a series of tools to strengthen key components of their business and breakthrough the inevitable growth plateaus facing an emerging growth business.


Brand Transformation Strategy for Emerging Growth Companies.

Our signature brand transformation collaboration sets the direction and trajectory for how leadership teams focus on who they are, what they stand for, and how their desired image and reputation shapes their marketplace success. By aligning business strategy and brand strategy across the full ecosystem of your business, you can make quantum leaps in the impact and influence you have with higher value customers.


Strategic and Creative Brand Development for Startup and Early Stage Companies.

In an age of clutter, noise and abundant choice, how will you distinguish your unique value to the marketplace and create a “one and only” brand your customers will love for a lifetime? Our Strategic Brand Development Program offers strategic and creative guidance for forward thinking leaders who want to elevate the quality of their presence in the marketplace and transform their business at an accelerated pace.


“From the very beginning of the workshops and through the implementation of our new name and visual expression, Thomson’s experience and creativity helped guide us to a result that we simply could not be happier with. He didn’t tell us who we should be or where we should go–he guided us along a path that helped us discover that our direction and purpose had been there all along, we just needed the expertise to help us reveal it.”

Pete Houlihan
Brightformat Inc.


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