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Business Transformation Workshops For Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Brand Transformation Workshop
Exclusively for Early Stage Entrepreneurs.
Sedona, Arizona March 2019

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Develop your strategy to build a remarkable business/brand investors and your customers love and admire. This is mastermind of successful, forward thinking entrepreneurs working together to scale their impact and influence with potential investors and higher value customers.

In a marketplace full of clutter, noise, and abundant choice, if investors and higher value customers don’t believe your solution is their “one and only” solution, your business won’t scale to the next level of success.

You will leave this two-day intensive business transformation workshop totally inspired and energized with renewed clarity and confidence in the strategy you’ll create to build a brand your customers can’t live without. The workshop will provide a ideology, methodology and mindset in these areas of focus:

  • a compelling strategic vision for your bigger future that attracts the right type of investment partners and higher value customers who represent your bigger future.
  • your leadership capabilities to attract the right talent and build a customer focused culture
  • creating new value for customers rather than competing for the value created by competitors
  • create a compelling brand story that moves investors and customers into action
  • elevating the quality of your presence in the marketplace.

Together we’ll go deep into your toughest challenges in growing your business. You’ll reconnect to your vision, purpose, values, leadership, business strategy, brand strategy and the core messaging of a compelling brand story. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will have a specific brand action plan you implement immediately in your organization. It’ll be serious fun, fierce and hands-on!

Meet Your Facilitator: Insight, guidance and creativity to help you set the course for a bigger future.

Your retreat workshop is facilitated by Thomson Dawson, respected authority, advisor and creative consultant on strategic brand development and business transformation for leaders and teams in early growth companies. Thomson’s three decades of expertise and insightful creativity has supported over 150 organizations from startup to global companies. Thomson will support you to focus your strategic and creative thinking to attract the right investor partners and higher value customers that will scale your business to the next level of growth.

A business development experience exclusively for entrepreneurs in the early growth stage of their business.

This retreat is exclusively for early stage entrepreneurs who are committed to to the process transforming their early stage business to the next level. Participants should be in business at least three years and generate a minimum personal gross income of $100,000+.  Workshop participants typically come from diverse industries in consumer products, professional services, business products and services, and technology. They all have one goal in common–to move beyond the early struggle phase of their business and scale to the million dollar level and beyond.

Sedona, Arizona

Take a quantum leap towards your bigger future! The 2-day strategic workshop is forming now in beautiful Sedona, Arizona on March 22-23, 2019.

Only 12 participants working together as a mastermind.

Before you trade your money for a spot at this workshop, I want you to be absolutely confident this workshop will provide a level of value to you that is multiples more than the price of registration.

Schedule your pre-enrollment conversation with me personally to discuss your current brand challenges so we can determine if this workshop will be the perfect venue for you to map out your strategic and creative thinking to build a brand investors and customers alike can’t live without.

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Tuition and Registration

The tuition for the Brand Transformation Workshop is $ 2,800.00
Early Bird Registration saves your $250. if you enroll by January 15, 2019 Enroll Now!

Your seminar tuition includes continental breakfast and lunch, snacks, workshop materials and an individual 60-minute pre-workshop consultation and a 60 minute post workshop consultation with Thomson scheduled 30 days after the workshop conclusion to monitor your implementation progress.

Only 12 participants in this workshop session!

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