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Brand Strategy Activation Advice and Guidance.

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Brand Strategy Activation Advice and Guidance.

Insight, guidance and creativity to help leaders and teams in emerging growth companies activate their brand strategy in the marketplace.

Strategic vision without flawless execution is nothing more than a pipe dream. Brand transformation advisory is an important element in the success of our client’s brand activation initiatives. Thomson Dawson provides on-going advice and guidance for leaders and teams to bring their brand strategy to life within their organizations and in their sales and marketing channels.

Based on your needs and challenges, we’ll develop an advisory plan at the beginning, and meet at regular intervals throughout as required by email, video-conference, and phone. Thomson also provides professional development and brand education training sessions to various operational groups within the organization.

Get the clarity and confidence to keep your teams moving in the right direction. Here are the outcomes you can expect from our collaboration:

  • More Focus – Quickly remove complexity and get your thinking zeroed in the one thing that will make all the difference in your progress.
  • Useful Insight and Evaluation – In times of change, an expert assessment on what you’re up to can be very insightful and useful so you can avoid spending time and money barking up the wrong tree.
  • Strategic and Creative Ideas  – Business is a head game. Everything starts as an idea. Clients generate better ideas that will enhance their impact and influence with higher value customers.
  • More Clarity and Confidence – Business is about risk. It’s always better to make big decisions with an inner sense of confidence that you’re doing the right thing–especially when you have skin in game.

 Advisory engagements include these challenges:

  • You are launching a new business, introducing new products or transforming an existing brand for its next level of growth.
  • You need guidance on conducting a strategic brand audit before you invest in new marketing initiatives.
  • You’re rolling out a new or updated website and want an informed opinion and feedback.
  • You are seeking outside marketing partners and want expert oversight in the interview process.
  • You need personal and professional development advice so your team is more confident and capable in leading the brand transformation.
  • You need insight and objectivity on mission, organizational values, team and culture building.
  • You need insight on innovation strategy, product development and value creation.
  • You need guidance on developing brand storytelling strategies and marketing communications programs
  • You need oversight of in-house teams charged with brand implementation, corporate and brand identity, naming, design and design management to insure alignment to your business and brand strategy.
  • You need expert advice on product packaging, branded environments and retail presence.


A monthly retainer of $5,000+USD (depending the scope, frequency and travel requirements).

Let’s get started in a conversation and discuss your brand activation challenges.

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