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About the White Hot Center

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I specialize in what’s next– advising CEOs/CMOs in startup, early stage to mid-market companies on strategies to have more impact and influence to transform their business/brand to a higher level of success.

Through my blog, podcasts, speaking, facilitated strategic workshops and creative consulting, I bring insight, guidance and creativity to help leaders and teams in growing organizations achieve greater mastery of the inner game (innovation and creative thinking), and the outer game (the quality of your presence in the marketplace) in four strategic disciplines:


Ideas that help you create and connect a compelling vision for marketplace success based solely on what truly matters to you, leverages your organizations unique capability to serve customers and clients; and enables you and your team to experience greater fulfillment and deep satisfaction beyond money-making.


Ideas that expand the quality of your presence and influence in the marketplace by elevating your thinking, clarifying purpose, enhance your effectiveness to innovate new value, build the right team and culture, and expand your contributions to the marketplace through experiences customers and clients love.

Value Creation

Ideas on building a culture of innovation and creativity within your business, developing a more compelling value proposition, innovate products and services that are highly valued by your customers and not in abundant supply from competitors.

Impact & Influence

Ideas to expand your impact, influence and enhance competitive advantage in the marketplace through brand development strategies that position your business as the “one and only” choice in the minds of the best customers and clients, elevating your business through premium pricing and making competitors irrelevant.


The White Hot Center Model

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