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About the White Hot Center


Business transformation strategies to scale your impact and influence with higher value customers.

Design experiences people love.

For leadership teams in startup and emerging companies, creating more impact and influence in the marketplace is a challenge at the white hot center of their very existence. As a trusted collaborator in your success, my focus is helping you to break through and overcome these critical business transformation challenges:

  • Guiding leadership teams to implement a unified strategic vision throughout the organization.
  • Develop a more competitive position in the marketplace for your next level of growth.
  • Build a customer-focused culture that delivers highly valued customer experiences.
  • Elevate your presence in the marketplace and break through the clutter of competition.
  • Create communication strategies in sales and marketing channels to win higher value customers.

If your organization can’t maintain focus and discipline to serve high value customers, you’ll never scale your business to the next level. I call this challenge “the scaleability factor”– a challenge every emerging business will face as leaders focus on who they are, what they stand for, and how their desired reputation shapes their business goals.

If you’re business is facing a growth challenge, let’s have a conversation!

The Influence Model

About the (INFLUENCE) Blog

On my blog, I share a point of view for leadership teams to increase their effectiveness in these strategic disciplines to scale their influence with higher value customers:


Insight and ideas that help you create and connect a compelling vision for marketplace success based solely on what truly matters to you, leverages your organizations unique capability to serve customers and clients; and enables you and your team to experience greater fulfillment and deep satisfaction in serving customers beyond money-making.


Insight and ideas that expand the quality of your presence and influence in the marketplace by elevating your thinking, clarifying your purpose, enhance your effectiveness to innovate new value, build the right team and culture, and expand your contributions to the marketplace through experiences customers and clients love.


Insights and ideas on building a culture of innovation and creativity within your business, developing a more compelling value proposition, innovate new value products and services that are loved by your customers and not in abundant supply from competitors.


Insights and ideas to expand and enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace through brand transformation and development strategies that position your business as the “one and only” choice  and elevating your business in the minds of higher value customers–making competitors irrelevant.

Check out the White Hot Center Manifesto  – my declaration of the  “first principle” mindset strategies that guide my values and contributions to my client’s success. I invite you to participate in the conversation here by subscribing to my blog and follow me on Twitter.

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Thomson Dawson

Thomson Dawson, Author & Speaker

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If business is facing a growth challenge, let’s have a conversation!