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Brand Transformation Methodology

Our signature brand transformation collaboration sets the direction and trajectory for how leadership teams focus on who they are, what they stand for, and how their desired image and reputation shapes their marketplace success. By aligning business strategy and brand strategy across the full ecosystem of your business, you can make quantum leaps in the impact and influence you have with higher value customers.

When your business / brand is stuck on a growth plateau loosing traction and momentum toward your business goals, we’ll collaborate with your leadership teams to develop a winning business / brand transformation strategy that brings more clarity, objectivity and confidence to strengthen the value of your brand and move your business forward.

WHite Hot Center Brand Strategy Workshops

Creating the foundation and framework for developing your business and brand transformation strategy.

WHC Brand Transformation Method

The outcome of this facilitated journey provides you with a precise roadmap empowering your teams to be more effective in all revenue generating activities–value creation, marketing communication tactics, sales and customer experience initiatives.

Timeframe for Completion:
Depending on the scale of your organization, this process can be completed in 4-6 weeks. When extensive market research is required in the Assessment Phase, the process could take up to 12+ weeks.

The investment for this brand transformation strategy development is $40,000+ USD. Typically, clients who have invested in this level of engagement are established organizations that have annual revenues of $10-50 Million+.

“Thomson built instant rapport and trust with our team and guided the strategy and creative direction of our corporate brand transformation program implemented across our entire healthcare system over 18 months.”

MJ Beckman
Senior Director, Marketing Communications
ThedaCare Inc.
Healthcare System

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