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Brand Transformation Methodology

Our collaboration sets the direction and trajectory for how leadership teams will develop strategies and disciplined action to create higher value customers and advance them beyond the reach of competitors. Our process aligns business strategy and brand strategy across the full ecosystem of your business.

 Creating the strategic foundation and framework for future growth.

WHC Brand Transformation Method

This facilitated process provides leadership teams with simple and effective tools to gain more clarity and confidence in their strategic and creative decision-making to strengthen the the value of their brand with higher value customers.  With leadership consensus and a precise roadmap in hand, teams will be empowered to be more effective in value creation, marketing tactics, sales and customer experience initiatives.

Timeframe for Completion:
Depending on the scale of your organization, this process can be completed in 6-8 weeks. When extensive market research is required in the Assessment Phase, the process could take up to 12+ weeks.

The investment for completing this comprehensive brand transformation process with your management teams is $40,000+ USD.

Typically, clients who have invested in this level of engagement come from organizations that have annual revenues of $10-50 Million+.

If your organization is currently facing a growth challenge, let’s start a conversation.

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