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Overview of my forthcoming book “The Scalability Factor”.

The Scalability Factor

The Scalability Factor:
How to Create More Impact and Influence to Scale Your Business to the Next Level.

An ideology, mindset and methodology essential to scale lasting impact and influence with higher value customers.

Here’s the peril many early growth business owners face– in a marketplace full of clutter, noise and abundant choice, few are equipped to deal with the innovation, marketing, operational, and financial demands of scaling a their business beyond the startup phase.

The book is specifically written for the entrepreneur who seeks more insight and knowledge to create the level of awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection necessary to attract higher value customers who will transform and scale their business to its next level.

The big question keeping these business owners up at night: How does one go from a startup business out of a garage or a spare bedroom, often funded by family savings or a home equity loan, into building an established, profitable enterprise that is the “one and only” choice of high value customers?

Here’s another harsh reality: Only one in five startup businesses reach annual revenues of $1 million. Depending on the industry, even a business with $1 million or more in gross revenue may not end up being profitable enough for business owners to realize the prosperity they were vividly dreaming about when they started their business.

It takes flawless execution of the right business strategy, along with an enormous amount of focused vision, innovation, and creativity, to achieve this “level one” goal, much less grow beyond it.

The Scalability Factor guides early stage entrepreneurs with the ideology, methodology and mindset to quickly develop essential business transformation strategies that will scale their impact and influence with higher value customers as a foundation for scaling their business to the next level of success.

To scale their business past the elusive $1 million level, The Scalability Factor guides entrepreneurs to:

  • Gain more focus, clarity and confidence in their strategic vision.
  • Discover trends in the marketplace that lead to new opportunity
  • Attract and retain the very best employees.
  • Build a disciplined, customer-focused organization.
  • Innovate new value in the marketplace rather than competing for the value created by others.
  • Develop the capacity to consistently deliver high-value experiences to higher value customers and clients.
  • Elevate the quality of their presence in the marketplace.
  • Create relevant and remarkable differentiation enhancing their competitive advantage.
  • Make pricing issues and competitors irrelevant as you become the one and only choice.

Why you should read this book?

For over three decades, I’ve collaborated with entrepreneurs, business leaders and management teams in over 150 organizations of every size–from startup, mid-market to global giants.  From my experience, the key to scaling a business to its next level requires a relentless focus on who they are, what they stand for, why it matters, and how their desired reputation shapes their business goals.

If what you are bringing to the marketplace doesn’t make an impact and have little influence with customers, the best one can hope for is to claw your way to middle.  My passion is sharing what I’ve learned to guide business leaders and teams to overcome the scalability challenge of creating more impact and influence in the digital age.

Scaling an early growth business is a journey of plateaus. At each level of growth there are new layers of complexity. Each requires new levels of creative thinking and innovation to relentlessly add more value– to employees, customers and clients, investors, and most importantly for their own personal freedom, joy and prosperity in life.

My intention in writing The Scalability Factor is to inspire forward thinking, success-minded entrepreneurs to discover the white hot center of their unique value and empower them to scale its impact and influence with higher value customers.


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