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Client Success Story: Symptom Free Life Brand Development

Symptom Free Life Brand Development

After selling her successful media business, this startup CEO reinvents herself and a new business dedicated to serving people of all ages who suffer from chronic allergy symptoms.

Business Challenge
Transitions are difficult even when they go well. This is true for large organizations and individuals alike.

When my client–already an experienced and successful entrepreneur–called on me to guide her in positioning her new startup in the alternative health and wellness category, we quickly arrived at a place of conceptual agreement that this category was a slush pile of claims and competitors most clients in her market were wary of.

The dual challenge of building trust with prospective clients and providing a unique competitive advantage in a commodity category can be daunting for the most experienced entrepreneurs.

Brand Strategy and Innovation
The key to an effective brand strategy begins with focus. To properly position a business / brand in the minds of the right clients requires a disciplined focus on “one thing” that makes the value proposition highly valued and difficult to substitute.

In our strategy and creative conversations, we agreed the “relieving allergy symptoms” would be the focus of the business development strategy to establish relevant differentiation in her marketplace. Additionally, the business offered a laser technology modality that was unique and only a few competitors employed in her market.

The big idea of “relieving allergy symptoms with painless, drugless laser technology” was compelling brand positioning and highly relevant to people who suffer from chronic symptoms.

The next component of the strategy required the creative development a visually compelling brand identity and storytelling platform around the business name: Symptom Free Life. Rarely does a business name embody the promise of the brand with such precision and simplicity. A strong brand name is the essential foundation of an enduring business.

Symptom Free Life Mobile Design

Symptom Free Life Events
“Collaborating with Thomson was a truly enlightening and inspirational experience. He has such a gift for getting inside your head and pulling out amazing ideas you didn’t even know where there. He’s the magic man! We could not have launched our business so successfully without his wisdom, vision and patience!”

Julie Parker Collins, INHC
Founder, Symptom Free Life, Inc.
Certified BioLght Laser Practitioner

If your organization is in the early planning phases of a new business startup, introducing new products or transforming your business for the next level of success, let’s have a conversation.

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