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Appreciation + Service = Abundance.

Give Thanks. Give Back.

There is a simple formula for experiencing abundance in every area of life and business: appreciation + service = abundance.

This formula is so elementary to the pursuit of life and business success that it’s often dismissed as being too simplistic and cliché. I know for many this idea may seem “soft.” But I guarantee you the things that have been labeled soft skills are actually the hard skills– the hardest to practice and master.

As an entrepreneur, striving for the end game of personal success and wealth is a primary motivation to keep you moving forward through the adversities inherent in building your business and reaching your goals. It’s only natural that “getting” there becomes the dominant state of mind.

The deeper truth is how you experience your journey is more important than reaching your desired destination. Your success will mean nothing if you can’t appreciate your journey toward the good you desire. And you will never experience real wealth no matter how much money you make.

In studies of brain function, it’s commonly known that the brain resonates with the energy in its environment. This has many implications here to ponder. When you practice being grateful (and there’s always something to be grateful for… even if it’s your ability to breath and read right now—remember some people can’t do either), then you literally put your brain wave patterns into an empowering state. You can instantly feel a shift of energy within you when you do this fully and congruently.

Your ability and capability to appreciate and be grateful for your pursuit of an entrepreneurial life is governed by three laws of nature:

– The Law of Giving and Receiving

– The Law of Praise

– The Law of Compensation

Like the natural law of gravity, these laws are always “on” and form the three pillars of your ability to experience a continuous state of abundance regardless of the current circumstances in your life and business. It’s absolutely essential for you to understand and apply these laws to your life and early stage business if you want to experience joy, meaningful satisfaction and fulfillment through your pursuit of business success.

The Law of Giving and Receiving

This principle is as old and timeless as human beings have been living in formed and orderly societies. Like the biblical phrase, “Give and it shall be given unto you”– everyone has heard of the Law of Giving and Receiving. Yet few understand how it works and apply it in daily practice in life and in business.

Giving is a fundamental law of life and the first law of creation. The attitude of “getting” is the law of life in a congested state or repressed action. As long as “getting” dominates a mind, the mind is in a paralyzed condition. That mind won’t be able to think thoughts that lead people and markets.

Giving will always precede and predetermine what you will receive, whether you are giving your thought, your word or your service. Unless your mind is free to “give” out your desire, the “unseen forces” will not have a pattern to work with. It cannot supply the desire without a pattern. Put another way, garbage it, and garbage out. If you have a desire to build a successful business and an abundant life, you must first “give some good” to build upon.

Wittingly or otherwise, you are continually drawing into your life and business that which you give and expect. Good or bad, the principle works the same. You get the equivalent of what you give–so give freely.

Whatever form your giving takes, give it with a free and willing heart. That means without obligations or expectation for something in return. Giving is not a transaction. To give your best–your interest, energy, thought, ability, love, appreciation and helpfulness is its own reward. In other words, make full use of all you have to create new value in the world. Give the world all of what you can offer and you’ll be on the path of increase.

The Law of Praise.

We all remember the old story of Aladdin and his magic lamp. When he rubbed it briskly, a genie popped out into a misty cloud and said, “Your wish is my command”.

As kids, we all made wishes upon a star. We all wanted our wildest dreams to come true. Walt Disney created an empire on this simple idea. He knew well the strategic principle equivalent to the magic lamp. That principle was the understanding that “praise” for what we desire becomes the fulfillment of the desire typically at speeds that seem like magical quantum leaps.

Human beings have been doing this since the dawn of time. People would bring their sacrifices and place them on an alter to gain the favor of the Gods. Then they would sing and praise believing that in doing so they would be favored and the Gods would fulfill their wishes. Rain dancing is a good example. Native peoples would dance for rain. Rain was their desire. They knew in faith eventually rains would come if they sang and danced. What are you dancing for? What does your rain look like?

Praise is a stimulant of the mind. Praise is a force that magnetizes the good around you and transforms it into a usable, visible supply.

Praise opens the mind and enables us to attune and draw from the unseen forces within and around us. Praise elevates our thinking upwards, while its opposite, condemnation, contracts and restricts. Praise changes our observations and our outlook on life. Praise raises our energy, vibration, speeds our activities, strengthens our faith and elevates us to higher realms of creativity and innovation.

When we praise our accomplishments and those of others, we are enriched and radiate praise, joy, courage and well-being to all who are effected by our influence. Be thankful and appreciate the good at hand. Be grateful for the smallest of things and the most will come to you. Praise is the magic lamp that delivers our wishes.

It’s also good for business.

The Law of Compensation.

Sooner or later all of us come face to face with the Law of Compensation. (Aka the Law of Cause and Effect). Inevitably our own comes to us and only what is our own.

Most people are dissatisfied in life. They believe that their experience of lack and limitation is their natural state. As an entrepreneur, you know different. You know creating value in the world is your right place–a place where you enjoy your success and abundance.

If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s you that must effect change and your results will follow. Where do you start? With your thoughts of course. Emerson said the “key to every man is his thought”. As you think so it becomes. Once we shift our vision higher, results naturally follow in like proportion.

There was a pizza parlor close to my home. The owners never kept the place clean, the pizza wasn’t that good and the service was terrible. Consequently customers went someplace else and the owners were forced to sell the business.

Not long after, a young couple scraped together all the money they had and bought the failing business. Disregarding the well intended advice from their family friends not open in that location, they rolled up their sleeves and began to create a whole new environment that was hip, cool, warm and appeared prosperous. It wasn’t long at all until customers starting showing up in larger and larger numbers. They began to build a reputation for creative and innovative quality pizza at great prices. The staff was always professional and courteous. The service was top-notch.

Their business, in spite of the previous conditions and location, grew rapidly and they were forced to expand their business to a space next door. The principle involved here is simple–when you elevate the quality of your thoughts, you elevate the quality of your presence. The quality of your elevated presence attracts higher value customers.

When you become too large for your present place, you will naturally be drawn to something greater. You can’t attract better until you become greater. This is the Law of Compensation at work.

Appreciation + service = abundance.

This is a timeless formula for life and business success especially now in the unforgiving 21st century marketplace. The Laws that govern your success in life and business govern nature herself. When you appreciate and are grateful for everything in your life, give fully your best to customers and the world, praise your desires and accomplishments as well as those of your family, your team and your community, your abundance is guaranteed. Give thanks, give back is a strategic business imperative.

The more you do it the more you benefit. It’s as simple as that.

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