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The best idea is the one you think is impossible.


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

Every great idea and innovation always seems impossible at first. And every success story begins with an impossible dream.

I’m confident that if you think about your own life and business–your purpose, your vision, your desire and your destiny–you’ve probably conceived of ideas that seemed unattainable and impossible for you to achieve. Conversely, you’ve most likely have thought something was impossible for you only to discover it wasn’t. I know I have. This book is living proof.

You don’t have to look far into human history know this is true. Every human advancement throughout the ages has begun with an impossible idea. In every field of human endeavor, something is believed to be impossible, and then it becomes an accomplished fact. From sailing around the world, landing men on the moon, transplanting human organs, curing disease, traveling beyond our solar system to watching a video on your smart phone, all of these were once thought impossible.

In life and in business nothing is impossible–nothing.

If you’re mulling over creative ideas for taking your life and business to the next level, the best idea–the one that will hold the most juice–will be the one you currently believe to be impossible for you to achieve. As Henry Ford was fond of saying “if you think you can or can’t, your right.” What’s possible or not is all in your head. Like Steve Jobs, don’t be afraid to put your own dent in the universe.

Humans are naturally designed for progress and success.

Progress and growth–that’s what we humans do. We can’t help but progress to higher levels of awareness and accomplishment. We are the product of thousands of years of evolution. Humans are designed and engineered for progress. Each one of us contains the capacity for endless development. Our advancement is the great purpose and hope of humanity. We naturally, throughout the generations, have created greater and greater success. We are a part of nature. All the processes of nature are successful. Nature knows no failures, no impossibilities. Nature aims at successful results in every form. To make the impossible possible, we simply follow her model and her methods.

Infinite resources are at your disposal. There are no limits to your potential and possibilities. Every mind can develop greatness. You simply need to know how. Your higher faculties, unique talents and gifts can be activated at any moment for practical use–including doing the impossible. Everything necessary for success and achievement is available to you. The faculties possessed by people of extraordinary accomplishment are the same faculties you now posses.

Whatever your present condition or circumstances, there is a bigger, better future in store for you. However you must prepare yourself for it. You can’t rise to better and greater things unless you do something about it. Planning and focused action are necessary essentials. You simply must advance. Nature brooks no interference with her purposes. This explains why we experience the pricks of adversity when we fail or fear to move forward –to act on our vision. In business, especially in our hyper connected 21st century marketplace, it’s snooze you lose.

When the heart is right the head thinks right.

Achieving the impossible is about bringing yourself and your actions to a standard higher than the ordinary human standard. If your vision is extraordinary, you will be called to be extraordinary. Most if not all of our defeats are due to mental blindness. Indecision, immediate gratification and an inability to cooperate with others have shattered the dreams of millions of aspiring entrepreneurs. Eliminating the mental handicaps that blind progress is the first order of business if you want extraordinary achievement in life and business.

Turning possibilities into achievement is not a creature of circumstances, chance or dumb luck. Achieving the impossible depends on adopting a true course, upholding the right thoughts and actions each day. Yes indeed this is difficult to do. Greatness is hard and requires Jedi Master level adherence to this basic principle.

The fact that you are honest, diligent and hard working is not enough to insure your success. More is required. If your mindset is timid, restrictive and fearful, fear will put the brakes on your progress. The only remedy for fear is understanding. When one truly understands the universe is filled with potential and possibility, fear is replaced with clarity and confidence. It’s true what Franklin Roosevelt said that all we have to fear is fear itself. Fear clouds our vision, and paralyzes our creative power to take advantage of opportunities.

I’m reminded of a story told to me by one of my early mentors in business. I was worried about my ability to bring on a highly paid employee and move her and her family from another state. I was afraid to take the risk and make the investment to bring this talented person into my firm only too have to let her go if business took an unexpected turn. I was paralyzed in fear and indecision.

In discussing this issue with my mentor at the time, he told me the story of two boys who had challenged each other to swim across a river with a stiff current.

Both boys went into the river together and swam with a steady and strong stroke. Eventually, one of them took the lead, and not looking back, continued swimming toward the other side. When he reached the opposite river bank after completing his swim, he looked back and didn’t see his friend coming up behind him. After a moment of panic, he looked closely and saw his friend on the other side of the river. Perplexed he yelled out “how come you didn’t swim across with me?” The other boy yelled back, “ I got halfway across and looked back to see how far I had swam and I got scared I couldn’t make it so I turned around and swam back to shore.” “But” said the boy who swam across, “didn’t you see you were getting closer to the shore with each stroke? Didn’t you think it was just as hard to swim back as it was to swim the rest of the way across and reach the other side?”

I realized that I was looking back and afraid to take the leap. Like a steeplechase rider preparing to jump with the horse, I realized I was pulling back on the reins at the precise moment when I should be letting all my forces out in free and full vent with confidence. I realized it would be just as hard to swim forward than to turn around and swim the other way. I hired the individual and we worked successfully together for many years afterward.

The real secret to doing the impossible (or anything difficult for that matter) consists of continuously moving forward. Big strokes, little strokes, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is to keep moving forward toward the desired goal.

A mental attitude that promotes constant forward momentum is the ruling factor in the art of success in any endeavor. The desire to advance creates the power to advance. Desire creates the power; power inspires the mind, and doing the impossible is the result of that inspiration rightly applied.

If you investigate the lives of those people throughout history who have seemingly accomplished the impossible, you’ll find the common quality responsible for all their success- a forward-thinking, constructive frame of mind. Simple as it may seem, in every case, the difference between average and extraordinary results is the ruling state of mind. The same extraordinary mental faculties of those remarkable humans who have achieved extraordinary greatness are possible in all minds. The only real difference is the degree of development, not the kind. The person who thinks they can, will rapidly develop the power that can.

Persistently think you can do what you want to do and it won’t be long before you find yourself actually doing that thing. It’s no secret and there is no miracle involved. Why do you think NIKE developed the powerful mantra “just do it” as the foundation for the value they intended to bring to world? The principle involved is simple–if the proper state of mind is adopted, the mind will proceed to direct all creative energies to be employed in doing that which is desired to accomplish, and steadily build them up until they become large enough and strong enough to perform what previously appeared to be impossible.

Obstacles are the source code necessary for accomplishing the impossible.

When Napoleon got the idea to conquer Italy, he was faced with an insurmountable obstacle–the towering Alps. The Alps were considered to be absolutely unscalable and impenetrable. The facts didn’t matter much to Napoleon. He marched forward anyway. His decent on the other side of the Alps so surprised his enemy that he took away their power to oppose him. Thus, what was determined to be an impossible feat proved to be the means to victory. And so it is with all difficulties.

The impossible obstacles you face in growing your business, innovating new products, entering new markets, attracting higher value customers are nothing more than the means for your success. Obstacles and challenges serve as an opportunity to call up our latent powers as leaders of our own destiny. They draw us out and make us stronger leading our organizations and us to the greater outcomes we desire.

You are greater than the conditions surrounding you. If not actually, you are potentially. If you’re aiming at achieving an idea that seems impossible, let the obstacles and challenges inherent in the pursuit be the source code for accomplishment. Like the boy swimming across the swift river, keep your mind’s eye fixed on your objective. We all face challenges and obstacles that seem like crossing the Alps. Keep moving forward as each small step and effort will produce a result. No matter how lame your first attempts may seem, they are a beginning. Learn from your results never judge them.

The value of the odds and ends.

What do you do with your spare time? How do you spend it? Where do you spend it? Do you value your time? Sometimes the whole process of creation and innovation depends on using the so-called by products– the odds and ends. The by-products are something apart from the main article or effort of creation. The odds and ends have tremendous value all their own.

The point is this–we are all dealers in time.

Success depends upon the use of our time and its by-products, which we’ll call “odd moments”. Think about the odd moments that come with creating anything. Everything is connected to everything. Every minute you make useful and profitable adds to your life and the greater possibility of achieving the impossible.

Every minute lost is a neglected by-product. Once it’s gone it can never be recovered. Think about of all the odds and ends of your time–your commute to the office, waiting for appointments, taking a shower–and the scores of chances each day when you might use those odds and ends to read, to learn, to make new connections, to concentrate and work toward your impossible ideas.

Use your time, including the odd moments, constructively. If you’re killing time, your killing your potential for opportunity and advancement.

The bottom line is achieving an impossible idea or goal is the way we learn to use two valuable things–our time and our thoughts. Knowledge, skill and talent will not create success; it is the way we apply those assets that matters.

It’s important to remember that back of all our toil and struggle, under the dust, smoke and mess of our creations, the universe is friendly and supportive to our wildest dreams and imaginings. If you have an idea that seems impossible, that’s the one to put all your energy toward. Think big. As Walt Disney says, “it’s kind of fun doing the impossible”.

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