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Case Study: PRJ Consulting Brand Transformation

PRJ Consulting Brand Identity

A complete brand transformation positioning this enterprise software consulting firm for a new generation of leadership advancing in today’s challenging business environment.

Since its inception in 2007, PRJ has built a strong reputation in the market among its enterprise clients, market partners, and global system integrators specializing in Oracle technologies and Oracle’s PeopleSoft enterprise solutions.

PRJ Consulting, provides enterprise clients, government with specialized expertise in Oracle technologies and Oracle’s PeopleSoft enterprise solutions as a Tier One firm to clients throughout North America. Their business has been built on a foundation of providing deep technical, application, industry and domain expertise to the market spanning every aspect of the PeopleSoft and the Oracle environments.

Although the founding partners had enjoyed success, they realized the necessity for attracting the next generation of leaders who would take the business to its next level of success and attract a higher level clients who valued strategic advice over service delivery. Collaborating with the PRJ leadership team, we guided them through a comprehensive brand transformation process with an objective of positioning the firm to meet these business strategy imperatives.

In our strategic brand positioning workshop sessions, we focused on PRJ capabilities to rapidly deliver the most highly skilled resources to solve the most complex enterprise level software applications. And they had an amazing track record of zero failure unmatched by any competitive firms. “Empowered to Advance” become the mantra for the transformed PRJ brand. Clients trust and value PRJ insight, experience and expertise to deliver highly-valued client outcomes in every area of their evolving business, application and technology needs – empowering clients to rapidly advance in today’s challenging business environment.

To bring the brand transformation to life, PRJ engaged my team in a creative process of developing a new brand identity system, brand storytelling and messaging that would become the foundation for their future employee, corporate and marketing communications. Examples of the visualizations of our creative development, design and brand expression process are shown below.


PRJ Consulting Brand Theme

PRJ Consulting Website

“Our company was in need of a complete image overhaul to position our business for the future! Thomson and his team worked with us to craft a solution that not only was highly marketable, creative and attractive, but also something that fit our company culture like a glove. Thomson has an amazing ability to visualize, analyze, watch, listen and ask the right questions. My clients absolutely love the results! I highly recommend working with him”.

Jeff Lipis,
Founder, Managing Partner PRJ Consulting
Enterprise Software & Technology Consultants

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