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Case Study: Ambrosia Brand Transformation

Ambrosia Brand Development

Inventing a new brand from the ground up with a big mission to reduce food waste and plastic use.

After a year of struggling with the market launch of their new product, the founders of this consumer products startup realized they needed to take a serious and more sophisticated approach to brand their new product line.

Originally called “Long Life Linen Veggie Storage Bags”, the founders were challenged by trademark issues and breaking through to ultra crowded mass retail channels. However, at local farmers markets, they were doing an amazing business as consumers concerned with health, food waste and sustainability lined up to buy the product. With word of mouth momentum they were selling out at each market. They knew they had a winning product idea, but no idea how to develop a brand strategy that would elevate their business to the next level.

Original Packaging Long Life Linen

Original Brand Name and Header Card Packaging

Working closely guiding the founders through a series of strategy sessions in brand positioning and storytelling, we determined the current product name was the key issue holding back their progress. Not only were there copyright issues surrounding the product name, our qualitative research revealed consumers did not resonate with the generic product name.

Building upon the key functional and emotional benefits of using flax linen to keep veggies fresh longer and reduce the use of plastic storage bags, the mantra “add life” became the battle cry for the fledgling brand.

We began the creative process of developed the new brand name “Ambrosia Produce Storage Bag” to reinforce the “add life” positioning and brand promise, then developed the full retail packaging design and brand messaging platform to elevate the brand for mass retail. The newly refreshed brand was introduced to raving acclaim by consumers, enabling the brand to command a premium price and is now positioned for mass retail distribution.

Ambrosia Brand Mantra

Working with Thomson was the best experience of our startup journey. He patiently and masterfully guided us to realize a much bigger vision for our business and our brand. When my partner saw the strategy recommendations and visual concepts for the brand, all he could say was, “this looks like money!”

Jan Rem
Founder & CEO
Ambrosia Linens Inc.

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